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Netflix’s The Main Event Quotes

Do you like wrestling and the WWE?  Then the new Netflix movie The Main Event is right up your alley!  The movie centers around Leo, a nerdy-ish boy, who finds a wrestling mask that gives him special wrestling powers.  It is definitely a movie the kids will enjoy, especially if they love wrestling.  And I particularly liked it because it is one of those films that instill confidence in young ones.  Check out this list of Netflix’s The Main Event Quotes!

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Netflix’s The Main Event Quotes

I read this is how Xavier Woods gets Coffey out of bed before a big match. –Grandma

Monday is one step closer to Friday. –Grandma

Can you do me a favor and not flirt with my tshirts? –Leo

I think Mr. McMann would love my ideas. –Caleb

Are you with those other delinquents? –Bennie

Certainly smells authentic. –Bennie

What about that Rick Flair room? –Leo

Grandma is about to be an influencer, baby. –Grandma

Granny got hands. –Grandma

Just because she is not here, does not mean she doesn’t love you. –Grandma

Dad remember that time we went to RAW and mom met Becky Lynch after the show? –Leo

You can’t keep doing that, everytime he brings up his mother you change the subject. –Grandma

I still owe the bank 20,000 dollars. –Steve

It’s almost a crime to hide this face from the world, sorry ladies. –Leo

I wet the bed until I was 8. –Leo

The mask itself decides who is worthy. –Leo

I came here to chew bubble gum and kick butt and I’m all out of bubble gum. –Leo

Great things come in small packages. –Leo

My name is Kid Chaos. –Leo

Who is ready to be a Super Star? –The Miz

Miz, you made the right choice.  I’m the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. –Leo

You found a magical mask, it’s not like you got a D in Science. –Grandma

Are you going to take it easy on me out there? –Smooth Operator

Your worst nightmare. –Leo

I can not watch you eat any more butter, take it outside please. –Frankie

Kid Chaos, you butter watch out. See what I did there? –Frankie

You want me to tell him his mom met someone else and moved to New York? –Steve

His mother left but his dad is still here. –Grandma

Chaos rules? Show me. –Smooth Operator

Don’t worry about it Bro, the best man won. –Smooth Operator

Smoothe Operator is a good man. –Leo

Come next week, I am going to bring a dictionary to the ring. I am going to teach Samson a new word. CHAOS! –Leo

Kid Chaos is just a kid. That mask he wears has magical powers. –Frankie

I thought the mask would make everything better. I thought it was going to fix things. –Leo

Magical mask is not what makes you strong. –Grandma

I was a jerk. I let all this stuff go to my head. –Leo

Run baby, run! –Grandma

If you don’t beat me up now, I will teach you how to talk. –Leo

There is one thing you can always count on, that is I am not going anywhere. –Steve

You are still grounded. You are beyond grounded. –Steve

Smoothe Operator, get down here! –Leo

Smoothe Operator, welcome to WWE! –The Miz

Miz, you won’t regret this. –Smooth Operator