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40+ Shocking HILLBILLY ELEGY Movie Quotes


Netflix just keeps pumping out the films, the newest Hillbilly Elegy is actually a movie based off a popular book! Aren’t those just the best?!  I enjoyed it, it stars Glenn Close and Amy Adams, I will have my review coming soon, it will be linked down below, so be sure to check back to read it! In the meantime, I jotted down some of my favorite quotes from the film! I love me a good line and this movie had some great ones. Here are 40+ of my favorites and most shocking Hillbilly Elegy movie quotes!

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Netflix Hillbilly Elegy Parents Guide

Hillbilly Elegy Movie Quotes

Ask me where I feel most at home, that’s the hill country, Jackson, Kentucky.

Perch and swivle. I’ll go when I’m ready.

I outta put my foot up your a** so far, you gonna have hemmorrhoids for ten years.

That McCall boy had an idea, it’d die of lonileness.

When you get knocked up at 13, you get the hell out of dodge.

They were actually sort of hillbilly royalty because my Papaw was related to the guy who started the Hatfield-McCoy feud.

My mom is trying to kill me.

You did good to call us, son. You did good.

I worked in a hospital before you had zits.


When did she go off a cliff?

Cause we are hill people, honey. We respect our dead.

I didn’t know till after he was gone how Papaw had protected my mom from the world. Now the only person who ever got her was gone.

Enjoy your bunless dogs then.

It’s not the f*&^ing flu. My mom overdosed on heroin. Is that the kind of problem you want?

You did the same thing to Mamaw. You just took and took from her until she was practically bankrupt.

It didn’t start with her. Mom and Aunt Lori, they had it worse than us. it was a war in that house.

I can’t defend her but I’m trying to forgive her.

If you want clean piss, stop f*&^ing up your life and get it from your own bladder!

There are good terminators, bad terminators and neutrals.

Cause family is the only thing that means a goddamn. You’ll learn that.

Fine. Just go ahead and die.

You and your sister are the only things I ever did in my life worth sh*%. I don’t know how you got so far.

What he needed was his d*mn mother.

She’s crazy, you know that. She’s been crazy my whole life. But if you wanna live with that crazy old witch, go right ahead. You two were made for eachother.

Don’t make us your excuse, JD.


I don’t suppose one of you deadbeats want to helpme with my groceries.

You know whats interesting about the Pols? They like to bury their dead with their a**es sticking out of the ground. That way they got a place to park their bikes.

You can stay or go with them.

If you didn’t act like a sh*t for brains, I wouldn’t have to yell.

Now stop stealing things, do your f*&^ing homework and find some decent friends.

If I weren’t cripple, I’d get out of this car, walk around and smack your head and your a** together.

You gotta take care of business, you gotta go to school, you gotta get good grades to even have a chance.

I ain’t gonna live forever. Who’s gonna take care of this family when I’m gone?

You gotta decide, you want to be somebody or not?


Keep that up.

Stay with me.

I love you, Mom. I want you to get better. To be happy. And I’ll help you. I’ll do everything that I can.

Don’t give up, Mom.

I think that’s what kills me the most about Mamaw. I never got to tell people, just how much she meant to me.

Twice I’ve needed to be rescued. The first time it was Mamaw who saved me. The second, it was what she taught me. That where we come from is who we are, but we choose every day who we become.

My future, whatever it is, is our shared legacy.

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