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50+ Magical COME AWAY Movie Quotes

COME AWAY Movie Quotes

Come Away movie, starring Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo, is now available to purchase on Premium On-Demand. The film is a take on the classics we love, Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan. I will have a review coming soon, it will be linked down below so keep a look out for it. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some magical quotes I jotted down from the film. Check out this list of 50+ magical Come Away movie quotes!

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Come Away Movie Parents Guide

Come Away Movie Quotes

Come Away, oh human child…

That was the summer we found the boat.

Hush. Don’t tease him. He almost lost his stuff today.

It’s just a bell.

Fairies are far too magical for the human eye. So when we look at them, they take the form of a bell.

Tinkerbell, it’s wonderful to meet you.

Of course you’re in trouble.

Red queen captures white queen.

The red queen does not tolerate disobedience. Off with your head.

Sewing is very becoming by a lady.

We can all use a little extra courage now and then.

COME AWAY Movie Quotes

How about I leave my shadow behind when I’m gone?

Do people really forget how to dream, when they grow up?

You never met your grandfather, he had high hopes of me. Regrettably, I did not fulfill them.

Cause being grown up, he had forgotten how to dream long long time ago.

I think I am getting too old for bedtime stories.

I don’t want you going away.

Deal me in.

My debts were cleared away years ago.

My mother seemed to be lost, I couldn’t reach her. So I reached for a heart I could reach instead.

Would you like to see a real tea house?

You really are a lovely girl.

You need my help and my help is what you are going to get.

We will make a lady of you yet.

Peter, you’ve always made us proud.

How is a raven like a writing desk?

Complicated aren’t they? Fathers.

I often wondered when it was my brother and I were set on different pathes. We were wounded by the same hearts. Soothed by the same lullabys. Was there a single moment when we diverged?

The lost boys at your service.

Don’t you ever speak of your father that way, ever.

Take me away from here, Tinkerbell.

Your work never ceases to impress.

Just because Jack is of that class, doesn’t mean we need to be. Is that what you said to my daughter?

Dream dust is the stuff that makes us remember.

COME AWAY Movie Quotes

You have more dreamdust than anyone we have ever seen. You don’t have to grow up, come to Neverland and be with us forever.

Please potion, take me away from here. Make me disappear.

The bond between my brothers was deep and true. But not all brothers are as lucky. And when fathers divide their sons, it can go terribly wrong.

Have a drink with your brother, Jack. We will discuss business later.

So, right back where we began.

For once in your life, you shall pay your debt.

I’ll kill him.

Don’t let them drag you down. You just keep floating above it for as long as you can. You promise?

Our own family did this to us.

COME AWAY Movie Quotes

It’s time for me to grow up.

It’s not time to grow up, Alice. It never is.

Catch me if you can.

I was only a visitor in Wonderland but Peter was born to be Pan.

We always knew when he’d been to visit because he would leave a piece of his adventures.

I don’t remember the way to the rabbit hole, or the smell of Neverlands shores but because of my brothers, I haven’t forgotten how to dream.

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