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SPOILER ALERT Parents Guide Movie Review

Spoiler Alert is a sweet love story that will leave viewers in tears. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

Spoiler Alert Parents Guide

Spoiler Alert has launched on the Peacock streaming service today, February 3, 2023. The film stars Jim Parson, Ben Aldridge, Sally Field, Antoni Porowski, and Bill Irwin and is based on the sweet love story of a gay couple who receive devastating news that will change the course of their lives forever. It’s based on TV Guide writer Michael Ausiello’s memoir Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, and it’s directed by Michael Showalter, who tackled a similar topic in The Big Sick. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Spoiler Alert Movie Quotes

Spoiler Alert Parents Guide

In Spoiler Alert: Writer Michael Ausiello embarks on a roller-coaster ride of emotions when his partner gets diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Spoiler Alert Parents Guide

Spoiler Alert Age Rating Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know before letting their young children watch Spoiler Alert.

LangaugeSpoiler Alert uses some brief strong language; however, it is very infrequent. Stronger words include: sh*t, a**, and oh my g-d along with some suggestive references about sex such as the phrase “jerk off.”

Mature Content: Other than the snippets of language mentioned above, there is some suggestive content that may not be appropriate for your younger children. There are discussions of sex, including sexual references about one character’s sexual life. There is one particular scene where a couple is performing sex acts underneath the covers, but no nudity or brief nudity is shown. The film has alcohol use, with characters who also consume and become intoxicated on alcohol. There is also drug content, where one character smokes cannabis.

Spoiler Alert Age Rating: Focus Features Spoiler Alert has a PG-13 rating. While the age rating of the movie is a pg-rated motion picture, parents with older children in the tween years may find it appropriate. There is some harsh language and adult content, but much of it may go over the heads of older children and is far from the restricted R category.

Overall Thoughts

Spoiler Alert centers around a couple in love who are faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis. These sorts of stories are not new to the big screen and have been told exhaustingly, yet this is the first time the genre has told the story with a fresh take by placing a gay couple at the center. It’s based on a true story by TV Guide writer Michael Ausiello, who wrote the memoir Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, and tells the story of the couple’s meeting, romance, and obstacles they overcame as a gay couple, such as coming out of the closet to their parents.

Spoiler Alert‘s casting seems to be right on point, including Jim Parson, who plays lead Michael, and his partner Kitt, played by Ben Aldridge. It is truly a story of opposites attracting, as Kitt is a good-looking, charismatic extrovert who likes “dweebs” and happens to meet one, Michael, at a night out at the club. Onscreen, the duo’s chemistry appears genuine and, well, natural for Aldridge. Parson seems to go into every role he is cast in with an awkwardness that will remind many of his character on the Big Bang Theory. He seems uncomfortable in his own skin, which totally works for the character he is playing in this film, Michael, a nerdy intellect with a Smurf obsession. That is right, Michael has an entire collection of Smurfs that populate his apartment, which became somewhat of a tense moment between the couple that was coined in the film as “Smurfgate.” This odd couple’s love story would seem almost unbelievable if it weren’t true.

Spoiler Alert is a true love story that doesn’t look through rose-colored glasses but instead bares the soul and references the hardships and difficulties both faced throughout their 12-year relationship. This “realness” makes it easy for audiences to place themselves into the characters’ shoes, and when the devastating news of terminal cancer breaks, viewers’ hearts break for not only Michael and Kitt but also for the possibility that this could easily become anyone’s story, even their own. And in doing this, the story makes steps towards normalizing gay romance by telling a beautiful story of love, one that will remind viewers of their own, while also reminding us all how fragile life can be and to hold on tight to those we love because tomorrow is never promised.

Spoiler Alert Parents Guide