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Collection Of The Best Netflix PARANORMAL Quotes

Netflix PARANORMAL Quotes

I have to admit, I am fascinated by the supernatural and this new series Netflix Paranormal is definitely right up my alley.  The series is dubbed in English, so I believe some things may be lost in the translation but that didn’t stop me from jotting down some of my favorite quotes from the show!  And you can best believe I will also have a review coming, so make sure to stp back by and check out my review, it will be link down below.  In the meantime, check out this list of the BEST Netflix Paranormal quotes from the awesome series!

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Netflix Paranormal Parents Guide Review

Netflix PARANORMAL Quotes

Ready or not.

I don’t know what is more pathetic, a mouse stuck in a maze, those miserable students or me. A tenored professor, lost and unable to finish a simple game.

There is good luck and bad luck.

You should always expect the worst because the worst will happen, my life is the scientific proof of these laws.

Why pretend there is a spirit movie the curtains when we know it is just the wind? Or that a ghost is lurking in the soorway when we know it is just the rusty hinges. And don’t get me started on the figures of the lights shining through the trees.

There is no such thing as the paranormal.

If you really cared for her you’d tell her to flee now and escape the tragic destiny that awaits her.

Some people are capable of making your heart skip a beat, even if you haven’t seen them in 15 years.

You refer to your fiance as Doctor?

And there she is, striking me with the very knife she sharpned.

The thing you try to avoid the most is certain to happen to you.

It’s a raid!

I made it easy for you to catch me, so they won’t make fun of you.

Shiraz, I think I love you.

Whenever you are silent, I know you are merging a soul in that mind of yours.

If you are willing to stay with me forever, will you do whatever I ask?

Don’y you want us to be together?

You know how many people have lived in that house after it burned down? Do you know what happened to them? They all died!

In order for your mind not to see, you need to stop being afraid.

So, your first love is a ghost?

All myths start this way, like a virus.

By the way, they have ghosts in Scotland too.

I will never stop loving you, Maggie. Until the stars fall from the sky, until the world ends. until planets collide and suns wither. Until the moon is extinguished and all seas and rivers dry up. Until I become senile and my memory is eroded. Until my tonuge is no longer capable of uttering your name. Until my heart beats for the last time, only then I may stop, I may stop loving you.

If  your mind plays tricks on you, play along.

Is it true that the sun may never rise again?

When the authorities call you in to do a job, make sure you protect yourself.

Why do you think they requested all these security measures? Just for fun?

If I knew how to break up with a woman, would I still be married to your sister?

I don’t know which is worse, to break her heart right now or let her spend the rest of her life with a man like me?

I think I saw the ghost you all were talking about.

All the people who were in the autopsy room today, they are dead.

My curse shall befall whoever goes against my will. It shall come to them when they are alone, with no lover. I shall take their life when no one is there to bear witness to it. My revenge should bring darkness and disease and then the end.

We need to bury him. The darkness is here. Next comes disease and then the end.

What happened to her is exactly what happened to those doctors in the autopsy room.

If it is important to you, then it is important to me.

Oh Sekhmet, your messengers crossed over from hell. Your devils of the night put a fear in us. Your winds won’t do us harm. Horus is protecting me.

This isn’t the Black Pharoah. It’s his limping brother.

Blessed by Amun and Maat, til destiny re-unites with my beloved, then all the evils in the world shall end.

I don’t know what it all means but this is a curse. A curse that prevents the reunion of the prince and the queen.

Whats up with you two? Did you see a ghost?

Fifteen years ago I bought a ring because I wanted to propose. And then someone came along and married her instead. So, I gave up. I don’t think I can give up again.

Netflix PARANORMAL Quotes

I did all I could. I did things I never imagined myelf doing. Forgive me, Howaida.

I miss you. I’m shocked at how much I miss you. Maybe you would be shocked as well.

It now seems I’m famous for something I’ve never believed in.

I won’t be able to sleep knowing something else can happen.

Assuming if there is a ghost, why is she turning up now?

I’m shocked that you’ve abandoned medicine to sell skin oil.

Energy can not be created from nothing. The same applies to old friends.

Next he will be pulling a dove from his sleeve.

Your Tarot seems to be saying you are fighting something from your past.

Nine swords. This card tells me there is something in the present that you fear, you need to overcome. You must follow and confront this fear.

They say anyone who opens the gate to release it, opens the gates of hell itself.

The custodian has given us permission. Everyone kneel down.

You are only saying this because you are afraid you killed him.

No one can actually see an electron but we still know it exists.

Everything you did was to save Howaida.

I learned that day if you loved someone, there isn’t anything you can do to save them.

If fear makes you put too much distance between yourself and those you love, you’ll lose yourself.

The death card means what I think it means. Brilliant.

You released the custodian and now, everyone is going to die.

The custodian wasn’t protecting the flower at all.

After all of this, he still manages to look like a movie star.

The card is saying you are going to lose someone you love.

It could mean, your dreams hold the answers.

You might not be afraid of a monster that lives in the desert but you are still afraid. Afraid not to get close to someone.

I’m afraid people will be hurt because of me. Especially those I love.

That’s what I’ve always liked most about Maggie. No matter what, she is always honest with me.

He must have heard her call and if heis called again I will lose my husband forever.

They say the Naiad is a monster, a monster disguised as a girl, an extremely beautiful girl at that.

There is only one solution, it is the iron rod. Without this he will be lost like the others.

Thats how he treats the victims, he inserts a hot rod into their ears.

Netflix PARANORMAL Quotes

Why is she looking for Uncle Raffat? Can’t she see he doesn’t want to play with her? why won’t she leave him alone?

Accept it!

He was never a father to me, not like you were Reda.

What it must feel like to know your twin brother was a victim. Or sister.

Her father killed her to hide the shame. She ran to the village bleeding and calling for help but no one came to her aid.

This card symbolizes dreams. Perhaps that is where you will find what you are looking for.

Is it possible not to have any dreams?

Why hasn’t anyone invented a button where you can just evaporate? Disappear.

What you described on the phone is similar to something you may have heard before. It’s called a succubus. The succubus is a mythical creature that can take many forms. They say it is the guardian of the dark side of existence.

The most common psyhcological conditions of those who have seen the succubus are depression and extreme anxiety.

The longest the human brain can go without breaking down is 11 days.

The house is yours now, doctor. You can do whatever you want with it.

The master is very forgiving, anyone else he would have killed them both.

Don’t tell anyone that you saw me, if my grandfather finds out he’ll kill me.

I saved up my money my whole life so I can buy this house and finally bury her body. Maybe then she will forgive me for abandoning her.

This card symbolizes home.

What does that house want with us?

The monster in your mind is scarier than the monster itself.

If I would have known hide and seek would have become so important to me, I would have focused on it more than medicine.

The only thing that hasn’t moved is the fountain.

All this time, you were asking me to save you. Forgive me, I didn’t understand.

I found Shiraz’s body but her soul still isn’t laid to rest.

Shiraz was trying to help me this whole time.

The succubus kept locking you in the maze. You never wondered why you woke up every time? The maze is your mind, never give up your mind.


The price for telling you is to leave, forever. We can’t stay together, Rafaat. But I will always love you.

This house is haunted, everyone knows that.

My house is haunted and I’ve been told thats his specialty.

I’m done trying to read your mind. If you don’t say it then it doesn’t count. When you can say it doctor, Scotland isn’t far away.

If people could control their hearts, everyone would be happy.

What could the devil want with my mind? I guess I should be flattered.

I don’t see that girl in the white dress anymore.

No more mazes, my friend. Perhaps, we should play other games that are alittle more fun.

Louis is Lucifer?

There is definitely, such a thing as the paranormal.