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Outside The Wire Parents Guide Movie Review

Netflix’s Outside The Wire had the potential to be a great movie, with awesome visual effects in a talented cast, so why did it fail to deliver a good film? Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

Outside The Wire Parents Guide

Netflix’s new film, Outside The Wire, which stars Anthony Mackie, dropped today! It seems like Netflix is coming with these sorts of action-packed military films, with others under their belt like Extraction (starring Chris Hemsworth) and the Charlize Theron movie, The Old Guard. Outside The Wire’s sci-fi concept sounds really promising, along with it’s talented cast, but was quick to crumble. Check out all the details in my parents guide movie review.

Outside The Wire Movie Quotes

Outside The Wire Parents Guide

The story is set in the year 2023 and a civil war has broken out in Eastern Europe. The US military and their robots have shown up as “peacemakers.” Rookie Lieutenant Harp (Damson Idris) is a drone pilot and after making a bad call which killed and wounded soldiers, he is re-stationed with Captain Leo (Anthony Mackie). Turns out Leo is an android himself and is sent on a special mission to track down Koval (Pilou Asbaek), who wants to steal old Russian nukes and they must stop him.

Outside The Wire Parents Guide

Outside The Wire Age Appropriate

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch Outside The Wire.

Language: The film contains some strong language with all the “biggies” being said in it. Cuss words include: the F-word, the B-word, the S-word, the A-word and damn.

Violence: The film is about military combat, so expect lots of shootings, combat situations, blood and death, stabbings, drone strikes and even civilians being caught in the cross fire. The civilian deaths in the film are described as being “collateral damage.”

Overall Thoughts

Outside The Wire is action-packed, and if you aren’t paying close enough attention, you can easily become confused with the details in the film. The visual effects were amazing, from the explosions to the robots themselves. Particularly that of Captain Leo, who looks like some sort of high tech “The Abyss” like creator when shirtless. When I found out he was indeed an android and the two were sent on a mission together, I thought it was really going to get good. I was wrong.

What could have been a great film, with two terrific actors, was really a let down. Idris and Mackie have great chemistry when interacting and when they did have those moments on screen, it was very enjoyable. However, those moments were few and far between. Instead, the film concentrated on too much “shoot ’em up and blow ’em up” but did not dive deeper into what could have made this film stand out, the robots. I mean, Mackie’s character was a cool looking robot who had emotions and could feel pain! They could’ve really had fun with this, and I kept waiting for them TO have fun with this. Nope. For a futuristic film, the movie did not feel very futuristic. The best designed robots was Mackie himself, but the others looked like some sort of garage-built, wannabe transformers.

To make matter worse, the film dragged on for 2 hours. With so many other better films of its kind on Netflix, do yourself a favor and skip this one.

Outside The Wire Parents Guide