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75+ Best Quotes THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY on Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video’s The Summer I Turned Pretty dropped on the streaming service today, June 17th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this list of the best The Summer I Turned Pretty quotes on Amazon Prime Video.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Parents Guide Review


All year long, I count the days until I am in that house.

It’s the same every summer. I’ve always loved that about it.

For me, everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June til August.

I would never let a boy beat me at anything.

Be considerate and act like I raised you right.

Boys at school never look at me. I guess you can say I am kind of just there.

It smells exactly the same, tastes the same, like it’s been waiting for me to get here.

Look who came back all grown up.

I liked you better with glasses.

You’re growing up. You’re in bloom.

I thought you said smoking pot changes the way your brain processes information.

Don’t let my mom make you her little doll just because she doesn’t have a daughter.

Wearing a thong is like basically flossing your butthole.

Things change, whether you want them to or not, so it’s about time I change too.

You should’ve been a lifeguard like me. Hardly anyone drowns.

Do we need to talk about consent before you go?

The way I feel right now, this is what everyone talks about.

I wonder if this is the way all crushes die, withering slowly and just like that, gone.

Every birthday I have ever had has been here in this house.

You don’t have to hold everything in all the time. You don’t always have to be strong.

You made people notice you. Enjoy it, don’t spoil it.

Look at us. We’re hot a** b*tches.

I never miss the chance to have a Sophia Copolla moment.

Doesn’t he know for him I would’ve traveled endlessly around those curves.

Boys may come and go, but a friendship lasts a lifetime.

All other 4th of Julys, I was just tagging along. But this year I have plans. I have friends.

I don’t know my kids anymore.

Your wife is dying of cancer and you can’t make it to her favorite holiday?

I don’t want him next to me in the end.


I’m going to be the one who has to clean all of this up.

Can we revisit that whole thing about me and you being casual?

You just make me so nervous.

I want us to go back in time, so that I didn’t barge in on Conrad in the shower.

I’m going to make hangover soup. You can have it for breakfast.

I think my mom just got railed.

One of my favorite summers in Cousins started with a song and ended with a boy.

I’m just happy to be alive after you just blew me up last night.

Thank you for being my friend.

I’m too old to be someone’s booty call.

I have kids. I chafe.

He’s so nice. I could hang out with him like this all summer and be really happy.

I can’t help thinking that I wish I was here with Conrad.

You can’t be good with someone else until you’re good with yourself.

Summer’s the same. We’re the ones who are changing.

Picasso and Jackson Pollock had a baby.

This is why old people shouldn’t do drugs.

How come nobody wants to play with me?

An Asian fifty is a white forty.

Don’t waste your time trying to earn their respect, you never will. Take their money.

You are the only boy I’ve ever thought about. My whole life, it’s always been you.

I’m not waiting for you anymore.

What happened to the boy that I loved since I was ten?


Susannah told me that when I was born, she knew I was destined for one of her boys. I always hoped it would be Conrad. But here I am, about to kiss Jeremiah Fisher.

Even my dream life is complicated.

Everything has gotten more complicated since that kiss. A kiss I can’t stop thinking about. A kiss that’s literally invading my dreams. It’s invading everything.

You’re afraid to step on a crack. You’re afraid you are the one to make it real.

What have you gotten yourself into, Cinderbelly?

If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach, you’re lucky enough.

How am I supposed to fully jump into something with Jeremiah, if a piece of my heart still beats for his brother?

She’ll be the literal bell of the ball.

It’s not about winning for me. It’s about doing things the right way.

Isn’t love supposed to be a little scary?

If you stopped playing all these games and just let her go it would’ve been a great night.

I’ll always come and get you.

I was always so scared when this moment would come, but weirdly, I’m totally fine because it’s Jeremiah.

Girls aren’t supposed to know if we’re pretty or not. We’re supposed to wait for other people totell us, before we’re allowed to feel it for ourselves.

You’re a goddess.

You know that dream when you are standing in front of the classroom naked and everyone is staring at you? I am living the dream.

For Belly, Conrad is the sun, and when the sun comes out, the stars disappear.

There were times this summer when I felt like I didn’t know my own heart. But one thing I do know for sure, is that whatever happens next, I will always come back to this place and these people.

I don’t want you to need me. I want you to want me.

In this moment I realized, if this can happen maybe anything can.

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