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Collection of Best The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Quotes

The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Quotes

Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 dropped its first episodes on the streaming service today, September 14th. I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of quotes from the new season. Check out this collection of the best The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 quotes.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Review

The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Quotes

I did it. I killed him.

But Wives, serve your own husbands as you would the Lord.

Maybe June can find some peace now. I’ll pray for her.

Remaining here is a danger to your unborn child.

Everything tastes better when Fred’s dead.

Do onto others as they have done onto you.

He was your monster, and we tore him apart for you. Now it is my turn.

So, you sent him back to be killed?

They also sent a finger. A severed finger.

This wasn’t Gilead. It was June Osborne.

Why does it matter whose fault it is? So I can hate the right person? So I can hate you? What good is that?

I feel it. Gilead pulling.

I hit him, and kicked him, and bit him. When he was dead, I left him in the forest.

He was a monster and he deserved to die.

The crown has no quarrel with you. You are free to go.

I would like to formally petition the Canadian government to reconsider their capital punishment statutes, considering that woman’s heinous acts.

We’re praying for your husband, Mrs. Waterford. We’re praying for you.

Under His eye.

The Waterford name has power, and that will be respected. And remembered.

They’re not going to be looking for someone going back into Gilead.

You scare me.

Sorry, I kind of, uh, played you.

I think you scared Gilead as well. A Handmaid killing their Commander, I don’t think they will let that stand.

I just came to say, well done. You did something terrible that needed to be done. I understand what that costs. May he rot in hell.

Praise be.

When God calls us, all we can do is heed him.

We never leave a brother out in the cold.

Fred always saw so much promise in you. Like a father.

It looked like a pack of wolves tore into Fred.

It is my hope this time that we can all shine together.

When is she going to get what she deserves?

The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Quotes

Maybe they’ll put her on the Wall. Maybe they’ll take her baby away, and make her a Handmaid and then put her on the Wall.

I may not be a Handmaid, but I struggle too. I struggle every day.

I thank God for her every day. And for those who brought her to me.

We showed the world our fist. Now we should show them our humanity.

Do you really think being pregnant is going to protect me?

You don’t care about me. You just wanted to see your daughter, right?

It’s not pink, though. She’s not a little girl anymore.

June Osborn, I thought you’d be taller.

Women always say that when they’ve done something extraordinary.

Can’t be too careful so close to No Man’s Land.

Mayday’s everywhere.

We have a strict “no spies allowed” policy.

Please do not punish her to teach me a lesson. I will turn things around. I will do things differently. I promise you.

A single man has no place in leadership.

It’s one of God’s great mysteries, how our sweet angel came from that devil of a woman.

June Osborne is a cancer and we have to cut her out.

He was a weak man. Overcompensated for toxic masculinity.

It’s a shame you can’t see all that we’ve done right here.

It means she’s ready.

It’s an exciting opportunity to be useful.

You’re an unusual woman, Serena, and we don’t have the proper infrastructure for unusual women to live within our borders.

Servants of God. We’re all here to spread his word.

Never touch my daughter again

Her return for people praying for her. Like she’s a f*cking saint.

You aren’t in Gilead. This is a free country, Mrs. Waterford.

I warned you about her. You won’t listen. God, you’re such a f*cking disappointment.

I still have one good eye, remember? Or are you going to take that one too?

The only way to stop them, to stop her, is to put them into the f*cking ground.

She is not worth losing your family over.

What if this is who I am now?

I am here to spread his word and show the people there is a better way to live.

Stay away from my family, or the next time I see you, I will f*cking kill you myself.

I believe God will be better served if Handmaid’s are not posted in households.

These are pious men; they need a little kink.

You need a man to put you in your place.

God saved you for a reason, dear.

We can shepard these girls together and keep them on God’s path.

God may test us body and soul, but He always rewards the most righteous.

I didn’t do it this time, but I’m not gonna promise that I won’t do it next time.

The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Quotes

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the heavenly lights. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth that we may be a kind of first fruits of all that He created.

We can’t let a few simple rules get in the way of God’s will.

Gilead doesn’t use words.

You give me hope, Mrs. Waterford. Praise be.

We all know how you love to yank things.

I’ve never seen anyone in Gilead as pure as him.

She also caught the eye of Commander Waterford.

Your babies needs come before any plans or ambitions.

I didn’t do anything. He raped me.

You mock God’s name and you defend a rapist?

I never gave up hope and you never gave up hope, because we knew, we just knew, that we would find each other again. So, we’re just gonna do that again.

No matter what you do, the end is always a surprise.

In Gilead, there are consequences for disobeying God, no matter who you are. You are holy vessels, and by his word, you will be protected.

God is giving me a chance for justice.

Give them a life. Give them a happy life. May they live better than we did.

God is the true judge and she is his vessel.

Maybe I’m the ark, June. Maybe I’m the vessel. I carried my baby. And delivered him. And I held him. Maybe that is all that was meant for me in this life. Maybe it is God’s will.

I don’t care that you’re sorry. We mattered. We are people. We have lives. And that’s why I’m going to save yours, Serena. Because this isn’t Gilead and I am not you.

You’re his mother. And he belongs with you. That is God’s will.

There is no home, Serena. There is just where you are.

It wasn’t about what she deserved, it wasn’t about her at all. I didn’t think her newborn deserved to die in the woods.

It’s time for Gilead to project to the world our maturity, our confidence, and, above all, our moral fortitude.

Unfortunately, I had to use religious nut-jobs as a delivery system, and I underestimated their depravity, but it was triage and it worked.

Even if Lawerance is a Gorbachev trying to open the country up, he will be succeeded by Putins.

We’re not friends, Serena.

How do you go live in a house with a woman who is trying to steal your baby?

You can not help your child if you’re not with them. I would go back.

You think I don’t know the misery that I caused?

We’re never going to be enough for you, are we?