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The Horror of Dolores Roach Quotes

Amazon Prime Video’s The Horror of Dolores Roach releases on the streaming service today, Friday, July 7, 2023. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 85+ of the best and creepiest Amazon Prime Video’s The Horror of Dolores Roach quotes.

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The Horror of Dolores Roach Parents Guide Review

The Horror of Dolores Roach Quotes

**Disclaimer: The following quotes may contain spoilers**

You gave her such humanity. You made her a real person.

I had to crawl inside her skin to pull a rabbit out of her hat.

You just throwing my name around, making me f*cking famous, for all the wrong reasons.

Are you gonna kill me?

I’m gonna tell you sh*t you can never unknow. Sh*t you can’t wash off. And then, you’re gonna help me.

I loved that man so f*cking much. I would’ve done anything for him, and I did.

It’s gentrified.

He left me to rot.

I hope I didn’t make you nervous. I really don’t want to be that person.

Nobody used to f*ck with me around here, but now it’s all gone.

I gave up 16 years of my life to protect his a**.

Sixteen years stolen just for this f*cking plant.

Dude sounds nuts, just like my dad did after his second whiskey.

They call me magic hands.

You’re such a good listener.

Days I’ve been down here in this basement. Like hybernating.

You were moaning like a cat in heat, and that hasn’t happened in your entire sexless existence.

A decade and a half of my life gone while you were branding yourself.

Is that going to be my only option? Right back to selling weed?

It’s called manifestation, girl.

I’ve never felt prouder of the penny I’ve earned in my whole god d*mn life.

It’s like that manifestation sh*t is real.

You gotta spend coin to make coin. Invest in yourself.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Quotes

I make the same delivery every day, and more and more of that food is in the dumpster every night.

I’m not saying there is something wrong with the kid, but I ain’t saying there ain’t.

If I had bread, I’d break it with you. But what I do is a whole lot more nourishing.

If you want to survive, you gotta pay your rent like other civilized adults.

If you are gonna be alone with half-naked mother f*ckers, you gotta know how to protect yourself.

No turning back from that.

Killing somebody is hard work. That first one, I didn’t even know what I was doing yet.

He thinks he can win this.

I’ve never had a shot, but I will be the last godd*mn one in the room.

Why did he make me do that?

Him or me, survival of the fittest. It was going to be him or me.

I am not a bad person.

Luis is a misunderstood culinary visionary.

You just changed the game for me.

I am a good person. I am.

Meat is meat. Flesh is flesh.

This sh*t is hiding in plain sight.

It’s actually weird how normal everything feels.

The other shoe always drops.

Sweet cannabil Jesus, please no.

It’s a mouthful of Daddy.

I’m not going to hell. This is hell.

You trained in prison from a handless masseuse?

How’s the land of the free?

You are gonna wind up back here if you go down that road.

I’m gonna put his a** on the f*cking menu.

This is not my first rodeo, honey. You don’t need me, you need a shrink.

Is this guy on something or just a little nuts? Or both?

Stupid fat f*ck is probably eating his own boss.

I thought I wanted him dead, but what I really wanted was to kill him myself.

If I put my hands on a neck right now, I’d snap it.

He’s a child.

If my life was a horror movie, I’d be yelling at myself to not go in.

Meat is meat. Flesh is flesh. But you can’t eat fake tits.

This is some sick f*ckery.

I got your back now, and any other part you want me to get.

We can have a real future together, Dolores Roach.

It’s time for me to start focusing on my future once again.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Quotes

I feel things, I feel things for you. Like I want to be with you.

Coconut is a fruit; it’s not a nut.

I don’t want to be a serial killer!

You don’t get to be as old as I am in the business that I am in if you’re not prepared to gut someone like a pig.

Mommy’s been busy.

I once used a prison toilet during a salmanella outbreak. But this was the most revolting thing I’ve ever seen.

I know what you’re doing, Dolores. I know what you’re doing.

I’m saying there are a lot of people I want disappear too.

I know what it feels like when you think your space is the only safe space in the world.

It’s scary when he starts to make sense.

I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to be haunted by some mother f*cker who f*cked my life apart. I don’t.

This guy’s done everything for me, except one f*cking thing.

Bye Felicia.

I really didn’t want to have to do that.

Something’s not right here.

I trust him to f*ck sh*t up even more.

Human beings are sh*t, but this table has never let me down.

I liked Joy, but she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’m a monster. Worse, I’m real.

You don’t get out when you chop people up.

You have once again made it worse.

I’m a pacifist. Look what you’ve turned me into.

Deep fried, like everybody else.

You were right about me. You were right. I can’t stop.

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