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AWESOME Netflix Feel The Beat Quotes

Feel The Beat Quotes

A new teen film has come to Netflix which is sure to make my daughter happy.  Feel The Beat dropped last Friday and it revolves around April, who moves back to her hometown after being ostracized in the New York City dance world.  This is one all the kids are sure to love and like I always like to do, I grabbed some of my favorite quotes from the film!  So, check out my list of a collection of awesome Netflix Feel The Beat quotes!

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Feel The Beat Quotes

But missy your dreams will never come true, because as long as I live and I’ve got a lot of years left, I will make sure that you are never hired for any show, on Broadway, Off-Broadway or Off-Off-Broadway. Your career is over, chorus girl! –Mrs. Zimmer

I’m looking for a specific mix of talent and loveliness. –Welly Wong

I hate the internet. –April

You know what would make you feel better? Cheese. –Frank

You guys want to know how to get on Broadway? Simple. Never make a mistake in front of anyone important. –April

Sorry to do this in a text, but we have to break up. Ape. –Nick

I knew you wouldn’t stick around. –Sarah

Feel The Beat Quotes

Miss April is kind of funny. You know, she always wants to be perfect, and, you know, she was about your age when she decided that she needed to become an amazing dancer. So she started pushing herself harder and harder and, she forgets that other people aren’t as perfect as she is. –Barb

My mother left me by choice. Want to unpack that one? –April

If you promise to do what I tell you and curtail the attitude, I promise to honor my commitment and see it through to the end. Deal? –April

So, I learned a name or two. Zuzu, drop. –April

I made the deal with Miss Barb to work at the studio. I earned the classes and I earned a spot in this competition. So, I’m staying. –Kari

April what you have done for everyone, it is amazing. –Nick

You just wanted to use the stupid little girls so you could claw your way back to Broadway. I knew it the whole time. You are just a selfish jerk! –Sarah

Please don’t go. –Sarah

And if there’s any part of you that thinks that making a big splash on Broadway is suddenly gonna bring your mom back, you can forget about that. There is nothing you can do to bring her back. Because it wasn’t your fault that she left in the first place. –Frank

It took me a second to realize that we’ve become family. –April

You’ve all become the most beautiful dancers. –April