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80+ Creepy AppleTV+ LISEY’S STORY Quotes


AppleTV+ Lisey’s Story is dropping on the streaming service tomorrow, June 4th. I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this one has some truly creepy ones. Check out this list of 80+ best and most crepy AppleTV+ Lisey’s Story quotes.

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AppleTV+ Lisey’s Story Parents Guide Review


Every marriage keeps its own secrets.

Storys were all I have. Now I have you.

I love you. You are every story.

He was seeing her all the time he was seeing me.

You were nothing but a restaurant hostess when you caught his eye.

She’s a troublesome old cow.

This is just between us.

You said you were good at persuading people.

Did you find the first clue?

The Landon’s are fast healers.

Just tell me you are gonna get better.

You stole my mind.

It’s coming.

He must have loved her very much.

I’d love to do something for my favorite writer and his widow.

I have visions, I write them down and people pay to read them.

I’m gonna hurt you in places you didn’t allow the boys to touch in junior high dances.

Do you think Amanda has reverted back to childhood because Charlie dumped her?

Still think I need to go to the emergency room? Because I don’t.

I don’t read books, I watch TV.


When you open your mouth I can see TV eyes shining down your mouth coming out of your teeth.

You’re living in the cradle of greatness.

No wife. Stay single.

Our suicidal sister has a gun and you didn’t tell me?

She is a cutter not a shooter.

It’s not real.

What part of ‘she’s not talking’ don’t you understand?

We will love Scott Landon until we die.

It’s beautiful and we are the only guests.

I have visions. I write them down, people pay to read them.

This is not me doing this, this is on you.

You would follow the clues to get a prize.

I’ve never loved anyone that much until I met you.

What is a demon infestation?

You are suppose to be taking care of her.

It’s the light. I found it.

The only person that can bring you back is yourself.

I’m on a Bool Hunt. Grief is a Bool Hunt.

Scott’s talent just wasn’t special, it was extra special.

Secret, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.

Think of something Lisey’s, something in the room.

It knows me, it calls me.

You’re my anchor.

It went away but it marked us, it knew us.

You’re a natural.

Infected. The bite. That’s the bad in your now.

It was ugly love but it was strong. True.

You are dumb as you are ugly.

Get with the program Pilgrim, that isn’t your brother anymore.

That’s where my brother spent the rest of his life, the last 3 weeks in that barn.

What would mom think of you if she knew what you were doing right now? What would she say?

I want some cool water, some beautiful water.

Bring me home, Lisey. Bring me home.

I can’t risk having both of my sisters stranded over there.

I took one back once and it died on the way.

What just happened, where did you go?

If sorry were rain, the Serra would be under water.

You sound like a person who’s about to get herself in a great deal of trouble.

If we decide to a** f*ck you, you’re going to be bleeding for a very long time.


Don’t hurt me anymore.

None of this is good.

This story has a happy ending, right?

What do I say? Do I say you kicked the bucket? Do I say you popped off? Are you eating a dirt sandwich? Are you riding a mystery train? Did you bite the big one?

No light, no spark.

I hope the asshole gets soaked.

He knew how to get there but beyond that, he didn’t know very much.

I remember it was beautiful and terrible and I never want to go back there again.

Were you and Charlie into S&M?

If I’m lying, I’m dying.

Scott said every character in a novel had to be used twice.

You are just the wife, you are not an artist.

Why won’t you share? Share with the world!

You were the biggest mistake he ever made.

Beam me up, Scott.

Scott was there for you.

Dooly shot him down like a dog.

My prize is learning how to be alone.

They were all for me.

I’m not gonna hurt you no more, okay?

You can’t kill a ghost.

I need to see one more time.

It’s just you and me Lisey.

This is our time now. You and me.