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25+ Horrifying A QUIET PLACE 2 Quotes

A Quiet Place 2 Quotes

A Quiet Place 2 is hitting theaters this weekend, May 28th! I will have a review of the film coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this movie had some horrifying ones! Check out this list of 25+ best and most horrifying A Quiet Place 2 quotes.

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A Quiet Place 2 Parents Guide Movie Review

A Quiet Place 2 Quotes

A bomb, I think.

I don’t know what that was.

It’s okay, we’re okay.

Let’s go.


You can’t stay. I don’t know why you came all the way here but you can’t stay.

I can’t help you.

I’m sorry about the boys.

A Quiet Place 2 Quotes

When you saw that flame night after night, did you know it was him?

Did you ever think to come for us?

People that are left, what they’ve become… they aren’t the kind of people worth saving.

There is nothing left.

I want you gone tomorrow.

I can save us.

If he were here, he would look you in the eye and tell you his little girl is exactly the kind of person worth saving.

I’m taking you back.

You said you could not do enough. Now you can.

I found a boat.

A Quiet Place 2 Quotes

I won’t lose you.

You heard the song?

I think most people had finally given up hope.

They had 12 boats lined up on the dock that day, only 2 got out.

I’m sorry I doubted you. I was wrong and you were right.

You are right, I am nothing like him.

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