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45+ Best THE DRY Movie Quotes

The Dry Movie Quotes

The Dry, starring Eric Bana, came to theaters as well as video on demand this past weekend.I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the movie. I love me a good line and this one had some great ones. Check out this collection of 45+ best The Dry movie quotes.

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The Dry Parents Guide Movie Review

The Dry Movie Quotes

You need to be here. For the funeral. Luke’s funeral.

You don’t need to make excuses, we all feel guilty.

You lied back then, Aaron. Luke lied as well. I’ve always known.

If he did this now, could he have done it then?

You haven’t changed at all, have ya?

Wake up ya stinking pig.

I’m just here on a personal capacity.

Does your missus meet you when you come home?

Where did you find the boy?

Eight steps to stop and change his mind and not to shoot the baby.

Clearly I missed the signs.

I come up here to get away from everything.

Jamie Sullivan was with Luke the afternoon he died. Shooting rabbits.

I keep asking him to shoot me but he’s a sensitive soul, my grandson.

I asked him how karen was and he said, “bloody women always going on about something,” and then he shot another rabbit and then he went home and he shot her and the kid.

I think you’ve got the wrong idea about my life.

Common things occur commonly.

No secret is safe from a good clean out, is it?

The Dry Movie Quotes

Was the farm the motive?

Stop saying my name like you f*cking know me. You don’t know me.

They are saying they found a body in the river. A teenager.

I think he’s developed a bit of a man crush.

If anyone asks, you waited for her. She didn’t show up so me and you went shooting rabbits together.

He lied to us. He told us he was at home. So this is your one chance to tell us the truth.

I don’t care who you sleep with, mate. We needed the truth and you’ve wasted our f*cking time.

I come every week to keep that clean, you keep your hands off of it.

I know I loved my daughter.

My boy had nothing to do with it. They were friends. This is our home.

I just like seeing a friendly face.

Why are you still here?

Luke is an old friend, he came out to visit and hang out with Lachie now and then.

I just need a little bit more time.

The Dry Movie Quotes

She made a query to this one and only this one. I think she may have confronted him about it.

You do realize if that fire hits the ground, this entire place will catch on fire.

This whole place is dry as a tinder, it is just waiting to burn.

This whole thing was for my family. I brought them here to protect them.

They made me hold the nail gun they were gonna use to pin my daughter to the wall with.

They say you saved the town. Stopped the school from burning. And you put him out with your bare hands.

Your old man’d be so bloody proud of you. He always knew the man you were.

I wanted to kill him a bunch of times.

I was never his first choice.

If I’d gone to her, I could’ve stopped her but I didn’t. I left. With Luke.

See you in another 20 years.

Goodbye Ellie.

He called me by my mother’s name the first time. I’m Ellie, I tried to scream.

A punch. Hard. I can’t feel it. Can’t taste the blood. Can’t move. Can’t cry. Froze in 40 degrees.

Hope disguised as a lie.

It’s my turn now, to leave.