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65+ Best Netflix’s HALSTON Quotes

Netflix's Halston Quotes

Netflix’s Halston dropped on the streaming service this past weekend and is a hit. I have a review of the series linked below, make sure to check it out! In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this series had some fabulous ones! Check out this list of 65+ best Netflix’s Halston quotes.

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Netflix’s Halston Parents Guide Review

Netflix’s Halston Quotes

I made something for you.

People just don’t wear hats anymore is the problem.

What is it about me that caught your eye?

Maybe you are just a size Queen?

You are far too special for this place.

Why don’t you start by making us some dresses?

I’m too big for that room. I need to get out on my own.

I think you need a new look.

We’re both living under the shadow of something and we’re both trying to do the same thing. We’re walking away, saying no. We both want to be taken seriously on our own.

That’s a Halston.

I want women to come here and feel like they’ve been transported to a different world.

Some models just wear clothes. Elsa, she makes them her own.

I just need a teensy weensy million dollars.

I’m going to change the face of American fashion and it will be all because of the likes of you.

You do not get to talk.

We’re all like little ships lost at sea. We’ve all been through a lot. Left our families, been rejected one way or another.

If you want to keep working for me then you’ve got to get clean.

What is it with the voice?

Halston, Verailles is crumbling.

The only person I should be raising funds for is me.

I’m broke.

I must be a real artist because I’m a terrible business man.

I put American fashion on the map.

In order to make real money in fashion, one design, thousands of women.

You are only as good as the people you dress.

If I look good in Halston clothes, anyone will.

Every day I am robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Nobody will remember a time there wasn’t Halston.

F*ck your chicken.

Netflix's Halston Quotes

You’re not gonna get rid of me, I’m like the clap.

Show them you’re the biggest star in the world.

I didn’t come all this way to have this feeling. I spent my whole life trying to get away from it.

If I sign that contract I may never be left to feel unappreciated. Unprotected. Unsafe. Promise me that, David. And we have a deal.

Just think of all the things I can do.

A woman dips the stopper in, it’s an intimate act. It’s penetrative.

I felt like you’ve kept your promise and I appreciate it.

Those ladies just dropped a ton of their husbands money.

Hello everyone. My name is Halston. I am very full of myself. I am always working. I am very important, and I like to make fun of Victor and call him an a**h*le, when clearly, I’m the f*cking a**h*le.

You are a born parfumier.

A lot of people are buying it just for the bottle.

Halston tell them to let me in, I’m wearing you.

Get it Sassy!

Do not come into my office, David, and mention that man’s name.

I’m more talented than you. And then you used me for far too long and now you can’t use me anymore.

When it’s the end, you’re gonna know it’s the end.

It’s a modern take on the blue jean.

They’re all jealous of me since I became a big star.

Reviews don’t matter.

You’re out of your tiny mind.

Netflix's Halston Quotes

He’s the artist. Fabric’s his medium.

I don’t design tampons, Carl.

I feel like you’ve soured on you too.

Building something that is your own name and then being replaced.

It’s a dream come true to be working with you. And surreal.

I’m not gonna give him one g-d d*mn cent. He already cost me so much.

I have liver cancer should anyone ask.

How can you be so careless with your own brand? Your own name?

You sold your name Halston.

Well moving forward, the next time I sign a contract I’ll make sure to read it first.

I loved you, I did.

I don’t even own my own creativity anymore.

I need an assistant, someone I admire and trust, I immediately thought of you.

I never did anything on my own, Joe. I’ve always had you.

I’d spend twice that to get it back.

Oh Liza, I love you.

Let’s just drive.