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Those Who Wish Me Dead Quotes

Those Who Wish Me Dead is playing in theaters as well as HBO Max today, May 14th! I have a review of the film link down below, so make sure to check it out. I also wanted to share a list of some of my favorite quotes from the movie, I love me a good line and this one had some intense one! Check out this list of 50+ best and most suspenseful Those Who Wish Me Dead quotes.

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Those Who Wish Me Dead Parents Guide Movie Review

Those Who Wish Me Dead Quotes

You got blood on your shirt. You should change before we continue.

I’m not taking dating advice from you, Dad. No offense.

I don’t want to play hooky.

I did the right thing.

Keep your barbeque’s low or I’m gonna have to send in an air strike.

You just write the parking tickets and we’ll keep you alive.

The objective is to put it in the hole.

I remember the landing was softer last time.

What are you going to do? Arrest me?

I look for things that don’t add up and I found some.

I’ve been better.

It’s for you, it’s all my secrets.

Give it to someone you trust.

I’m in a 20 by 20 box on stilts with no toilet. I have to get out of here.

I read the wind wrong.

This is the Lewis & Clark trial, all we did was pave it.

You call the news, call the TV station and give them this.

I love you son.

He’s here? Why is he here?

Those Who Wish Me Dead Quotes

It’s not my blood.

We promise absolutes and unlikely is not an absolute.

Assume worst case scenario.

I will make them have the stomach for it.

It’s a zero sub game, treat it that way.

From this point forward we bring down anyone who sees our faces.

You don’t seem much up for a hike.

Are you someone I can trust?

Path is clear.

Telling me the truth is how you survive.

I am telling the truth!

Getting struck by lightning has made you weird.

You look sad to me.

I watched my mother die of cancer.

It’s impossible to feel sorry for myself around you.

You gonna let me live? That will be a mistake.

When we find this boy, I’m not killing him, you are.

Those men who came for your father, did you see their faces?

It won’t be the first door you’ve kicked in.

I have a pretty sharp ax.

It hates you back.

Those Who Wish Me Dead Quotes

You are gonna run 100 yards towards the fire, you’re gonna turn left and you are going to keep on running until you get to a creek.

Nothing matters if she don’t make it.

You really want to die for this kid?

Keep hiding and I’ll keep hurting her.

They’ll have planes in the air soon.

It was beautiful.

I didn’t think it was beautiful. It scared the sh*t out of me.

There’s no rush.

What happens next?

Where am I gonna go?

I promise you, we’re gonna figure it out together.