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100+ Touching Amazon Prime Video SOLOS Quotes

Amazon Prime Video SOLOS Quotes

Amazon Prime Video SOLOS series dropped on the streaming service today, May 21st. The series is an interesting collection of shorts that will have viewers feeling all the emotions. I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this had some really touching ones. Check out this list of 100+ best and most touching Amazon Prime Video Solos quotes.

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Amazon Prime Video Solos Parents Guide Review

Amazon Prime Video SOLOS Quotes

If you go into the future, can you escape your past?

You’re still in moms basement with your ridiculous time travel project.

You sound just like me.

Can you hear me now?

This isso Parent Trap right now.

I’m so honored to know you, let alone be you.

I’m so proud of you sweetheart.

Shouldn’t you tell mom? She will be really worried.

I thought I was talking to the future not the past.

You’re not the future, you’re just dumb.

I’m pretty sure 2020 is going to be my year.

Can you just be happy where you are?

That was even easier than 13 Going on 30.

In the future we are very rich.

So I can be the first, the maverick, the pioneer.

I want to travel to the future so I can find a cure.

Every day feel like a year.

And because of the butterfly effect, you can’t do it without destroying everything else. 

I need her to be a thing of the past so I can be a thing of the future.

You need to accept, you can’t fix it.

The reason I’m here now is because I need you to stay.

Of course I forgive you.

You solve time travel your way and I’ll solve it mine.

Imagine meeting yourself, who do you see?

You’re neck, it’s all like f*cking necky.

I didn’t pay 30 grand to be criticized like this.

You talked to my mom?

Amazon Prime Video SOLOS Quotes

Does she hate me?

You’re not leaving. It’s not your choice. It has nothing to do with you.

I need things that can’t be measured or viewed or seen.

I’m gonna miss hearing her sing. I’m gonna miss a lot of things.

I can’t get mad because I would love her more than me too. I do love her more than me.

It’s the silent ones, code red. Those are the ones you have to look out for.

I’ll even miss her farts.

Every parents thinks their kid is a genius but Wilder really is.

She’s the boss man, she’s the Commander and Chief.

Peg won’t go to bed unless you give her three kisses on her cheek, two kisses on her forehead and one little kiss on her nose.

You’ll never have to let her out of your site again.

I’m not you, I never will be, I never could be.

You’re the luckiest man in this world.

We’re out of time, Tom.

This is what I imagined. This feels right.

I’m glad I’m you.

How far would you travel to find yourself again?

I would’ve worn a little rouge to match this fancy pants space suit they gave me.

Just be yourself.

I’m sorry to be a bother. I hate being a bother.

The reason we are looking for seniors in their golden years is because, you won’t be coming back.

I always try for one smile of the day.

I just want to do some adventure, I think I’ve earned it even.

I use to make wishes on the moon.

He was such a good dad. I’d make him do the TikToks with me.

The moon was shining down on him like out of a movie.

Why am I so scared of being seen?

That’s what scares me the most. That I gave up all those good years because I was scared, and now I’m here and I’m losing my say in the matter.

I didn’t see you there.

I am a person.

Sometimes I sit on my bed thinking how to end it.

I would finally be counted.

Amazon Prime Video SOLOS Quotes

is the threat outside greater than the one within?

I exist only to help you.

Today is an important day, Sasha. Twenty years you have been inside.

I’m happy in here. In here, everything I need I have.

I just want to calm her and pull her in but instead I start to synchronize my cries to hers.

That sound horrific.

Your family was happy for the nudge. And they want nothing more than for you to leave your home and come back into the world so they can see you again.

You just want to get me out so you can infect me.

You can’t force me out of my own house.

It’s safe outside, Sasha. It’s been over for years, the pandemic, the quarantine, the vaccinations, the return to normalcy.

No one is left in their Safe House, just you.

Do you wish you could take back the worst day of your life?

Can you smell my vagina?

I sort of haven’t been home yet.

I’m not afraid of poop or accidently killing it… anymore.

I wanted his dad to sit on my face.

It’s just hard work pretending being interesting in somebody when somebody is just, whittling on.

I thought if I took the cash, he would be less likely to pay me in sex.

I think I might have been his only friend.

There were so many dull people talking about their dull children.

Since when did sleeping become a spectator sport?

The missing piece I had been praying for, dead in my underwear.

A sea of angry faces. And I can feel the shame flushing my cheeks, and you know I try to explain but everybody hates me.

It just happened oh so fast, the horrible impact as I crashed. And there’s colors and cracking and limbs.

She’s ready for cerebral extraction.

This is that kid killer.

I’ll let her sit in that memory a little longer.

Who decides who belongs in the world?