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The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain Quotes

The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain is in theaters TODAY, October 22nd, and will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, November 5th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. I love a good movie line, and this film had some great ones! Check out this list of the 45+ best The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain quotes.

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The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain Parents Guide Movie Review

The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain Quotes

Many of the world’s finest minds were digging deep into the world of electricity.

You are very muddy.

How much would you charge for a drawing of Cleopatra?

Were you throwing peanuts at a bull?

Don’t think I haven’t noticed the stink of your vintage.

If it’s any consellation, I kind of think the drawing on the cover sheet is quite charming.

There’s no need to be frightened, but I am going to have to open the door.

I have no doubt they will be much better off in your competent hands.

Must be exhausting, having to be the grownup.

I think it would be fair to say that the innocent Mr. Wain didn’t know what the hell was going on.

There are great many obstacles that stood in the way of Louis and Emily.

I’ll start you off on poverty wages, which is standard, but they’ll be regular.

I was so quiet.

The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain Quotes

I just wanted to invite you to the theater, as an educational trip, of course.

When it comes to drawing, there’s really only one rule you ever need to teach; it’s to look.

I hereby atone for my drunken position by presenting myself to you naked.

I have quite a profound hairlip.

Allow me to consult my diary.

It’s alright, it’s perfectly natural.

I’m a woman!

I’m very nosy.

Did you find it horrifying? All those dark, disturbing images.

Thank you. You say that every time I see you.

Now thanks to you, this family is the talk of the town.

I’ve been on countless journeys in the classroom, but it was nice to go on one myself for once.

I don’t care what people think.

Mrs. Richard, by the standards of the day, was quite geractric.

Just when I was starting to enjoy it.

What would you like to be called?

I have a hypothesis that electricity is what is pushing us through time.

I can remember Emily in the future and she will be there.

But where is the electricity?

Spend the time that you’ve gained with your wife. Because when she is gone, it will hurt.

Electricity. I feel electricity. Can you feel it?

This is our place. This is where I’ll be Louis, when you need me.

I’m the one who’s ill, Louis.  Don’t you start wallowing in it too.

What’s going on in that funny little head of yours?

Louis buried the pain of his grief under an extraordinary amount of cat pictures.

Cats are excellent conductors of electricity.

The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain Quotes

Thanks to you, us cat people are out of the shadows and able to celebrate in the open with our feline children.

The more intensely he suffered, the more beautiful his paintings became.

I’ve never seen an Amrican smile in my life.

There is no question you are delusional.

You can run away from your family, Louis. You can’t run away from your grief. It trails you.

Why cats?

I want you to know that I’m very proud of you.

There are no cats. I can’t see outside.

You spent your whole life examining the world, to suddenly not seeing it.

I think she wanted you to keep painting, so that you are never alone.