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65+ Adorable BACK TO THE OUTBACK Quotes

Back To The Outback Quotes

Netflix’s Back To The Outback is dropping on the streaming service on Friday, December 10th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 65+ of the best and most adorable Back To The Outback quotes.

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Back To The Outback Parents Guide Movie Review

Back To The Outback Quotes

Home to the cutest animals in the world.

He’s a bit tuckered out.

Those creatures are dangerous.

Not the pinchers.

Ready to get out there and greet your public?

Those people are gonna go nuts when they see you.

It’s not just the big critters you have to look out for. Jazzy, the creepy crawlers.

What’s this disgusting thing on my head?

She’s a cold blooded killer.

I’m not a monster. Am I?

You should be careful, Jackie. They don’t know you’re kidding.

I’m single by choice, by choice, people.

Back To The Outback Quotes

You can be whatever you want. So who cares what a bunch of silly humans think?

No one’s ever going to want to hug me.

Your mom must have loved you very much.

I think my favorite place is the mountains, where I grew up.

Get that monster away from my son.

I was just trying to be like you.

Those creatures are killers, son. Never forget it.

Who’s gonna tell us stories now?

Do you want to end up like Jackie? Our lives are put on display like some sort of freaks.

Out there we can be like ourselves.

Tonight we are going back to the Outback.

We’re just trying to get to the Outback so we can find our families.

I can’t die yet. I’m not even 27.

I killed pretty boy. I murdered a celebrity.

You snitched on us, you dirty little bear.

Are you that snake that can kill 100 people in 30 seconds?

Can you be anymore self-obsessed?

I’m ugly, you’re ugly, we should all be this ugly. Ugly is the new beautiful.

Look what they’ve done to pretty boy.

I’m gonna go out there and call pest control.

What do we do with Satan’s teddybear?

The only place he got released was into the bell of a seagull.

Pack your peashooter and some clean undies, son. We got some deadly creatures to hunt.

So I’ve just been through a major trauma, and I’m in desperate need of a sound bath followed by a regular bath.

Who knew intimacy would be this painful?

Don’t let me die with ugly animals.

Ugly is the new beautiful.

I’ve never been so aroused in my life.

We’ve all been condemned by society, driven into the sewers. You’re safe with us.

Back To The Outback Quotes

Can I wipe my bottom with your fur?

Shame on you for wearing fur.

That’s my snuggley. He stole my snuggley. I know where you live, Giggles. You are dead meat!

You’re the coolest dad in the world.

This day just keeps getting uglier.

Humans are the most horrible creatures on the planet.

I hope I’m as happy in the Outback, as I am right now.

You’re a bunch of creepy animals. No one is ever going to love you.

I cage with a snuggly is still a cage.

Haven’t you ever wanted to be more than just pretty?

I’ve always hated your preference for beige.

Beingugly used to be something to be proud of, now it’s just a popularity contest.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are extremely murderous.

There’s a whole new life waiting for us. A life we’ve only seen in our dreams.

Look! Falling dandruff.

It smells like home.

Last one in’s a deadly, disgusting, venomous creature!

At least we tried, right?

And if you don’t help us, we’ll rip you apart and turn you into a pair of shoes.

Do you think koalas can be a little bit shallow?

You didn’t take me away from my family, you brought me back to them. You are my family.

That’s the human who took my brother. I’d recognize that hairy lip anywhere.

The wheel of poop has turned.

Don’t hurt my son, you monster.

Now let’s go home.