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65+ Best Disney’s TURNING RED Movie Quotes

Turning Red Movie Quotes

Disney’s Turning Red is coming to the Disney+ streaming service this Friday, March 11th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 65+ of the best Disney’s Turning Red movie quotes.

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Turning Red Movie Quotes

The number one rule in my family? Honor your parents.

Honoring your parents sounds great, but if you take it too far, well, you might forget to honor yourself.

I do what I want, say what I want, and I am not hesitate to do a spontaneous cartwheel if I feel so moved.

This is grade eight. I don’t got time to mess around.

This is gonna be my year.

He looks like a hobo.

But, I like cleaning. Plus, I got this new feather duster and, oh my gosh, it picks up so much dirt.

She’s so brainwashed.

Today’s honor student, tomorrow’s UN Secretary General. The ancestors would be so proud.

The Red Panda has blessed our family with good fortune and prosperity.

Who are these hip hoppers? And why are they called Four Town when they are five of them?

This is what happens when you don’t wear sunblock and do drugs all day.

You are her pride and joy, so act like it.

I’m a gross red monster.

You are now a beautiful, strong flower who must protect her delicate pedls and clean them regularly.

You’ll figure this out, Mei. Just be the calm, mature, adult you totally are. You got this.

What’s with your face?

Gotta get home. Gotta hide.

It’s happened already?

Ming, it’s time.

Turning Red Movie Quotes

What was a blessing became an inconvenience.

There is a darkness to the panda, Mei Mei.

Red is a lucky color.

Please just go away.

I’m gonna let go and your gonna be chill.

You’re so fluffy.

Just go become women without me.

We’re like a warm, and fuzzy blanket.

I’m a furry ticking time bomb.

You’ll get whipped into a frenzy and Panda all over the place.

I just want to broaden my musical horizons.

She’s like a magical bear?

Step one: neutralize the Empress.

Step two: spread the word.

Step three: hustle this panda.

Are you a triangle? Cause you acute.

I want to throw a sick birthday party. An epic one.

I have a double-jointed elbow. Look, I can make a perfect circle.

It must be so difficult keeping that unruly beast at bay.

It’s a little hard to believe that Mei Mei is able to control the beast. She’s just a child.

I know how hard it is to keep the beast in.

Your mother and I were close once, but the red panda took that away.

You are your mother’s whole world, Mei Mei. I know you will do what is right.

I’m paying for the red panda. Not this garbage.

If we can’t all go, then none of us should go.

This is a critical time. Mei needs a strong hand more than ever. Don’t let her out of your sight.

Tomorrow we are walking into that concert girls and coming out women.

Go back to your psycho mom and your creepy temple, you freak.

She is an animal.

You manipulated her for a bunch of tacky delinquents?

This will be a piece of cake and mostly painless.

People have all kinds of sides to them, Mei, and some sides are messy.

This side of you made me laugh.

The door will open only if we sing from our hearts.

How could she do this to her own mother?

The panda is a part of me, and you guys are too.

I’ve been obsessed with my mom’s approval my whole life. I couldn’t risk losing it. But losing you guys is worse.

Your mom must have gone nuclear.

Turning Red Movie Quotes

This is me!

I like boys, I like loud music, I like girating.

Make room for your elders, Mei Mei.

I’m just so sick of being perfect. I’m never going to be good enough for her, or anyone.

I’m finally figuring out who I am. But I’m scared it will take me away from you.

Don’t hold back, for anyone.

The farther you go, the prouder I’ll be.

Ever since I turned 13, life’s been a lot.

My panda, my choice, mom.

Sometimes I miss the way things were, but nothing stays the same forever.