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HAIRSPRAY Musical Parents Guide Review

Hairspray Musical is a timeless musical with a talented cast, energetic performances, and an important message. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

HAIRSPRAY Musical Parents Guide

Hairspray Musical has come to St. Louis, playing at the Stifel Theatre from February 8th through February 9, 2024. The musical Hairspray is an adaptation of John Waters’ 1988 film and brings the heart, message, laughs, and entertainment to the stage with catchy tunes and vivid costumes. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

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HAIRSPRAY Musical Parents Guide

In Hairspray musical: In 1960s Baltimore, dance-loving teen Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) auditions for a spot on “The Corny Collins Show” and wins. She becomes an overnight celebrity, a trendsetter in dance, fun and fashion. Perhaps her new status as a teen sensation is enough to topple Corny’s reigning dance queen and bring racial integration to the show.

HAIRSPRAY Musical Parents Guide

Hairspray Musical Age Rating Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know in this parent’s guide and the age rating of the musical before letting their younger children watch Hairspray Musical.

LanguageHairspray Musical contains some hard language that is used throughout the show. Lookout words include a**, d*mn, balls, ball sack, and nuts (using the pun to imply a man’s scrotum) and phrases like “what the hell?”

Mature Content: The musical is light-hearted and uses some sexual content for humor. There are multiple scenes where characters are shown grabbing the buttocks and breasts of other characters, groping them in an obscene way. There are sexual jokes and innuendos, as stated above, using puns such as “ball sack” to refer to a man’s scrotum. There is a revolving theme of racism in the 1960’s, so discussions, songs, scenes, and dialogues include discussing the racism against people of color at the time. There is also a theme of fat-shaming the main character and her mother for being robust. In the end, the film sends a positive message about inclusion and body positivity.

Age Rating of Hairspray MusicalThe Stifel Theatre’s Hairspray is suggested to have a PG rating by MTI (Musical Theatre International) for mild language, adult themes, and some sexual references. It is appropriate material for ages 10 and older. The suggestion of parental guidance or an adult guardian is highly recommended for small children under 10 years old. This rating is based on the opinion of the author.

Hairspray Musical runtime: 2 and 30 minutes with an intermission.

Overall Thoughts

Hairspray musical superbly transports the audience to the heart of Baltimore during the 1960s. The vivid set design, packed with striking hues and era-appropriate features, immerses you into the era characterized by popular dance shows, sky-high hairdos, and significant civil rights advancements.

The setting serves as a constant reminder of the social background within which this spirited narrative unfolds, amplifying the storyline’s depth and resonance. Through it all, the rhythm of 1960s Baltimore pulsates, underlining the city’s energy and the crucial historical changes it was undergoing at the time.

The magic of Hairspray: The Broadway Musical comes to life largely due to the captivating performances of the talented cast. The portrayal of Tracy Turnblad (Caroline Eiseman), often viewed as the heart of the show, is delivered with an unflagging zest and talent that leaves the audience enraptured.

The supporting actors play their parts with fervor and authenticity, bringing their respective characters to life with undeniable sincerity. Their performances, deeply infused with emotional nuance, lend credibility to the storyline. The unwavering energy and passion the cast brings to their roles contribute significantly to the musical’s overall vibrancy and its profound emotional impact.

The musical excellence of Hairspray is a significant contributor to its global acclaim. Each track is infectious, full of vitality, and imbued with the irrepressible energy that defined the 60s. Anthems such as “Good Morning Baltimore,” “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” and “I Know Where I’ve Been” perfectly blend feelings of joy, optimism, and poignant reminders of the era.

Along with the music, the choreography is riveting and fills each scene with sheer exuberance and vivaciousness. The dance routines, a true testament to the swinging 60s, are irresistibly exhilarating, entertaining, and oozing with energy. From the show-stopping opener to the climactic closing number, the innovative choreography never fails to captivate.

Overall, Hairspray’s most remarkable trait is its ability to deliver a compelling message through its lively performances and spirited dances. It skillfully navigates profound societal themes, advocating for acceptance, unity, and standing up against injustices. Hairspray serves as a reminder that change can be effectuated with an optimistic spirit, a heart full of joy, and a steadfast belief in justice and equality.

HAIRSPRAY Musical Parents Guide

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