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35+ BEST Blum House Evil Eye Movie Quotes

Evil Eye Movie Quotes

Amazon Prime Video has been releasing these Blum House films this month, I am assuming for Halloween.  The newest movie to come out is Evil Eye Movie.  I will have a review coming very soon, so keep a look out for the link to it down below.  In the meantime, check out some of the best quotes from the thriller!  I love me a good movie line and this suspenseful thriller has got some really good ones. Check out this list of the 35+ BEST Evil Eye movie quotes!

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Evil Eye Parents Guide

Evil Eye Movie Quotes

Your youngest cousin got engaged.You are the only one left.

A good marriage doesn’t happen just like that. You have to take it seriously.

It will protect you from the evil eye, darling.

There are no Indians in New Orleans. What am I suppose to do?

Cause we are doing this for your happiness, for your future. When your commander says drop to the ground, you drop to the ground.

I just don’t want you to fall in love with the wrong man.

Is she still obsessed with the evil eye?

I’ve been praying for a good man for you.

I’m a long-term relationship kind of guy.

She tried to kill herself when I broke up with her.

I didn’t think you believed in love and now look at you.

She would get upset if I didn’t show her appreciation.

He’s more Indian than I realized. Almost like you found him for me.

Now that there is nothing to worry about, you have to invent something new to worry about.

I’ve never seen such compatibility between two souls.

Evil Eye Movie Quotes 1

He will get whatever he desires.

I wish you would just start being happy for me.

This whole time, all of these years, even when I was taking care of myself and paying my bills, you made me feel like I wasn’t a good daughter. All because I was single.

Do you know how big of a failure you make me feel like every single day?

What you have done is disgraceful.

What happened to you won’t happen to our daughter.

She’s cursed. That evil man on the bridge cast the evil eye when she was inside me.

Feels like it was meant to be, doesn’t it?

Maybe I’m old fashion but I believe in fate.

She hasn’t left the house in two months, why would she leave now? Where would she go?

We cannot escape our karma. If we ran to the ends of the eart, he’d follow us. To finish what he started.

It matters because you just keep making excuses for him, for you!

I overpowered him and pushed him off that bridge.

He’s been reborn as Sandeep.

Evil Eye Movie Quotes 2

I love your daughter and I’m not going anywhere.

Like you said, I’m safe now. I need to move on.

Til death do us part, as the saying goes.

You don’t get to decide how this ends. Not this time.

Everything you have done is for my own good.

I’m going to come with you and I’m going to tell her she has my blessing to marry you.

I never believed in that supersticious nonsense. Jokes on me, right?

I will not run anymore.

Men like this will always be there. So you teach your daughter and your daughter will teach her daughter that none of this is their fault. And you face him together.