35+ Monstrous A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting Movie Quotes

A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting Movie Quotes

Netflix’s new film A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting, based off the popular book, dropped today!  This is a good one for kids, especially with halloween around the corner and we can all enjoy a little spooky fun! I will have my movie review of the film up soon and linked down below, so make sure to stop back by and check it out!  If you know me, you know I enjoy good movie quotes so I had to jot down a few of my favorites from this film to share with you all!  Check out this list of 35+ Monstrous A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting movie quotes.

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A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting parents guide

A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting Movie Quotes

I  never seen a kid so scared of her own toys.

Look who it is, Monster Girl!

You are crazy, thats why you are my best friend.

And keep Jacob safe.

Sometimes at night, that comes out of my fish tank. It feels like it’s coming to get me, but Mom says it’s just a nightmare.

Now I’m just scared of real life stuff, like climate change and inequality and talking to boys, and like, everything I read on twitter. It’s really scary.

Your Gift of Dreams brings nightmares to life.

You and I are about to unleash your nightmares on the world.

Liz Lerue. Babysitter. We got a nightmare ping come from here.

A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting Movie Quotes 1

I’m babysitting her because that is what actual babysitters do. We watch and protect our kids.

It’s a collection of thousands of years’worth of monster hunting wisdom passed down through the ages. Memorize the guide, stay alive.

By the Order of The Babysitter, I demand you return my child.

Tonight is a night of firsts.

The Toadies always trade. This is worst than I thought.

You, my dear boy, will conjure and army of infinite nightmares. You and I are about to ruin the world.

Welcome to my Nightmare Nursery. Your new home.

We’re part of a super secret organization with chapters all around the world. The Greek goddess Artemis, Cleopatre, Merlin, Rosa Parks, all babysitters.

Tell anyone about our location and I’ll feed you to a resident hobgoblin.

A young kid who is supposed to be able to bring dreams to life. Or nightmares. The Order was founded to protect kids like that.

He’s the Stealer of Dreams, the Bringer of Nightmares. Legend has it he’s collecting bad dreams from kids to buld a nightmare army.

They’re like a Monster mafia.

That’s why we’re here. To make sure what happened to us never happens to another kid.

The Cairo chapter found this in a tomb in Egypt. We haven’t figured out all it can do, but we know it can break any hex or spell.

My crush is right there, and I’m covered in dirt, and smell like trash, and I wore the exact same sweater to school today.

Your more scary of some mean girl and a dude than a monster?

A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting Movie Quotes 2

What we’re doing is important.

Monsters know Monster Hunters. Gotta know your enemies, right?

I bet you didn’t think you’d see me again.

I don’t want to hurt you, but I will.

That’s what happens when you break into HQ and mess with my friends!

After tonight we’ll be monstrously busy. Get it?

Did you really think you could sneak up on me? Sneak up on the boogyman? I invented sneak!

By the Order of The Boogyman, you’re a blithering idiot.

You’re no hero.

Tonight is our night!

It’s the Monster Punch.

You’re stronger than they are. You got this.

Seeing as you displayed courage and brains in the face of danger, blah blah blah blah. I’m gonna talk to Mama Vee, and I’m gona tell her you should atleasy be allowed to apply to the order.

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