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Collection Of Apple TV Greyhound Movie Quotes

Greyhound movie quotes

I love a movie that is based on true events, especially when these are historical events which have taken place in our country.  Apple TV released Greyhound movie, which stars no other than the great Tom Hanks, and it is definitely worth the watch.  The movie was so action packed, but it also had some really good movie quotes, which I jotted down some of my favorites to share with you all.  Check out this collection of Apple TV Greyhound movie quotes!

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Greyhound Movie Quotes

Yesterday, today and forever, That is beautiful. –Eva

Come with me, I mean it. So I can ask you to marry me on a tropical beach. –Ernie

The world has gone cazy, Ernie. Lets wait until we can be together. –Eva

Restore the relationships you have damaged and fill me with peace. –Ernie

This is what we train for. –Ernie

We got them. –Ernie

This is the Captain, it seems we sank that target. This was an all hands job. Well done. –Ernie

Status report: No losses during the night, 5 ships.  Two ships damaged, 23 survivors. 210 confirmed dead. –Announcement

Greyhound Movie Quotes

I know it’s risky Charlie but we need to break protocol. –Ernie

Man hasn’t had a bite to eat or been off his feet since we left. –Cleveland

George how bad was he hit? George Cleveland? –Ernie

Completely mutilated sir. All of them. –George

Now all hands bury the dead. –Announcement

We can always find you in the night to kill you. –Enemy

Good morning Greyhound. Did you think you had slipped away from this Grey Wolf? No, you did not. You will not. –Enemy

You and your comrades will die today. –Enemy

We will ram that Uboat if we have to. –Ernie

Mr. Carling, she’s all yours. I will be in my cabin if you need me. –Ernie