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Collection Of The BEST Netflix GRAND ARMY Quotes

Netflix Grand Army Quotes

The new Netflix series Grand Army dropped over a week ago and has soon become a top 10 favorite on the trending list. It deals with some difficult issues in high school these days, so at times can be an uncomforatble watch but it is really good! I will have a series review coming soon, so you can check down below for the link. In the meantime, I jotted down some of the best quotes from the series that really struck me hard. So, check out this collection of the best Netflix Grand Army quotes from the popular series!

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Netflix Grand Army Quotes

Are you disgusted by me?

That condom has sperm in it and it was stuck in you.

Do you think if there is a terrorist attack, that tonight’s party is a dub?

She’s dangerous, bro. Last time we f*&^ed, her vag vacuumed the condom right off.

I don’t want to die in this school.

She has 9/11 PTSD.

The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings, and it’s still not as sensitive as the teenage boy who doesn’t know how to please me!

Hot Asian Freshman. I love her!

Netflix Grand Army Quotes 1

Whole-hearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, “No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough.” It’s going to bed at night and thinking, “Yes, I’m imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid. But that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.”

Joey Del Marco is doing a no-bra thing today ’cause dress code’s sexist. I’m protesting with her.

So you’re all anti “free the nipple,” then he mansplains it at you, and now you’re all into it?

This is a classroom, and you’re dressed like a hooker. You’re basically prostituting yourself for attention, and it’s disruptive, Joey. I wish you had some self-respect.

How can you regulate my body and not theirs?

Nothing warrants me speaking to you like I did. I’m sorry.

I wanted to say that you inspire me.

Your nipples are my sheroes.

This isn’t a cry for attention, this is about your entitlement.

In this country my parents are so proud of, homosexual sex was illegal until two years ago.

Netflix Grand Army Quotes 2

I’m a kid of color with an explosive strapped to me. A truth that could crater my entire existence and fling shrapnel into the future my parents dream for me. But when that bomb went off, my clock started ticking. And I don’t seek to hurt or destroy. Simply trying to figure out before I conbust, how to live openly and freely as me… a first generation Indian American gay son.

Dude, I got got blood on my underwear. Can I please have yours?

What’s wrong? Too tired from sucking so much d*ck?

I don’t know who the f(*& you think you are, but you do not get to talk to me like that.

The world just can’t get enough of shoving white boy stories down our throats and labeling them as American culture at its finest.

He’s all about an American Dream most people have never had access to, and we’re suppose to care and pretend like we gain something from it.

I let him touch my boobs. I sent him nudes. I shaved my vag. And you still don’t get who I really am! A queen!

They raped me mom.

I’ve never had this much fun with somebody before.

All parents have their own way of dealing with things. Maybe they think if anyone sees you and Owen talking, it’ll hurt his chances.

I’m just so f*&^ing angry. They don’t get to do that to me.

You know what sucks more then anything? They are my friend. And I love them. Or I loved them.

I was suspended for making a dumbass mistake on bomb day. But I just found out my best friend, Owen Williams, got it even worse. He got 60 days.

My goal with “Love The Goddess: Her Power, Her Freedom” is to illustrate women’s, in particular Indian women’s, right to agency in matters of love and sexuality.

It means that they hurt my body in certain ways.

You are the only guy who could ever quotes The Vagina Monologues.

I’m Muslim, but that feels really strict to me. And I’m also Catholic but they’re rapists, so…

I just want you to think about all the things that are going to push you forward, not hold you back.

I just want to disappear, mom. Please let me disappear. I’m drowning here, mom.

I’ve just been feeling sort of miserable and I can’t make it go away.

I’m not acting like myself and I can’t get rid of the slime that is all over me, ya know?

I think you should let go of all the shame you are feeling. We all make choices as we’re coming into ourselves and our sexuality, and we’re not thrilled with every choice.

Netflix Grand Army Quotes 3

This is how you overcome.

This will kill ’em. They’ll think they’ve failed as parents.

I think most people, even people that want to help, they don’t always understand what some people are up against.

Who’s actually allowed to be angry? That’s a privilege like everything else, and my anger doesn’t count. But all those feelings, they’re still there and they have nowhere to go.

It matters who you talk to. it matters who you’re comfortable with. it matters who hears you, who says, “I understand.” it just matters.

I want to sit at this table with ya’ll and I want to make sure I do what I can, to make sure my people get the things that they need.

What’s cool is, once you come out there is instantly this community here for you. Us queers gotta stick together.

My essay was about me being gay. Because I’m gay.

If I don’t have rent for you when it’s due, three days ain’t gonna change sh*t.

I didn’t know you had to hold on to all of that. That’s a lot to carry.

You don’t have to be magical but you are incredible.

I was there the whole night. It was just Joey being Joey.

What did you think? That you would come and save me with your Target money?

Your essay was genius. I really mean it. It rocked me.

I’m just living.

I’m saying I’m stringer than people think. And I should just get to be that version of myself.

I didn’t want to be a “rape girl.”

I believe you. I wanted to tell you that.