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40+ Outrageous BORAT Subsequent Moviefilm Quotes

BORAT 2 Quotes

We have been waiting 14 years for a new Borat movie and it is finally here, coming to Amazon prime tomorrow October 23rd!  Borat 2 is hilarious and brings back the Sacha Baron Cohen character we love.  I will have a review for the movie coming soon, it will be linked down below and you can also check out my detailed analysis of the Rudy Giuliani scene linked below as well!  In the meantime, you can check out some of the hilarious and outrageous quotes from the movie.  So check out these 40+ outrageous Borat 2 quotes from the film!

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Parents Guide – Movie Review

Borat 2 Rudy Giuliani Scene

BORAT 2 Quotes

14 year ago I release a moviefilm which was great success in US & A, but Kazakhstan become a laughing stocks around world. –Borat

Since running of Jew had been cancelled, all Kazakhstan have left was Holocaust rememberance day. –Borat

He explained that while I was in Goolag, US&A was ruined by an evil man who stood against all American values. His name, Barak Obama. –Borat

A magnificent new premier named McDonald Trump rose to power and made America great again! He also became buddies with tough guy leaders from around the world. –Borat

The Vice Premiere is to be known as such a p&**^ hound, he can not be left alone in a room with a womans. –Borat

All I have left is my live stocks. Two pigs, one cow and a daughter. –Borat

BORAT 2 Quotes 2

It was time for me to return to Yankeeland, to save my peoples. –Borat

He not as alive as he use to be. –Borat

WooWooWeeWah, High Five! –Borat

These gypsy tears will keep you safe. –Borat

I will be the next Queen Melania! She’s the happiest wife in the world! –Tutar

How many girls you normally put in a cage this size? –Borat

I hear McDonald Trump he put Mexicans in cages. High Five! –Borat

When a woman owns a business her brain breaks and her head falls off. –Borat

Jews will not replace us. –Borat

I have a baby inside me and I want to take it out of me. –Tutar

I feel bad because I was the one that put the baby in her. I was just trying to give my daughter pleasure and next thing I know there is a baby in her. –Borat

When he treat me he say this will be our little secret. –Tutar

Sandra jessica Parker Drummand and her father Professor Phillip Drummand III. Miss Drummand is attending grand Canyon University, where she is double majoring in Cage Maintenance and Electronics, with a focus in VCR Repair. –Announcer

My daughter have her moonblood arrive, can she still go to a ball? –Borat

Finally the time come to deliver my daughter to the Vice p&**^ grabber. –Borat

As of today we have 15 cases of Coronavirus that has been detected in the United States with only one new case detected in the last two weeks. While the risk to the American public remains low, as the President said yesterday “We’re ready. We’re ready for anything.” –Mike Pence

Don’t worry I won’t get jealous, she not Ivanka! –Borat (As Trump)

Mike, you’re fired! –Borat (As Trump)

BORAT 2 Quotes 3

What is wrong with my nose? Do I look like a Jew? –Tutar

I want a man who wants to make a sexy time with me. –Tutar

I found a new book which only tells the truth. It’s called Facebook. I learn so many facts there. –Tutar

I can do anything a man can do! –Tutar

Lucky for me I was taken in by two of America’s greatest scientists. –Borat

Hillary Clinton drink the blood of children? –Borat

The Democrats, they want to hurt and destroy this country.

We can’t do to them what we would like to do, because unfortunately they have the same rights we do.

Let’s hear it for gas em up like the Germans. –Borat

She will be the happiest woman in the world, just like Melania. –Borat

Will you be my new black wife? –Borat

I’ll relax you. –Rudy Giuliani

Put down your crum. –Borat

She’s 15! She’s too old for you! –Borat

Trump would be disappointed! You are leaving hotel without golden shower. –Borat

Now we are part of the global community, influences elections all over the world. –Borat

We invite the maskini. –Borat