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100+ Best ETERNALS Movie Quotes

Eternals Movie Quotes

Marvel’s Eternals is coming to theaters this Friday, November 5th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out this huge list of 100+ of the best Marvel’s Eternals movie quotes.

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Eternals Movie Quotes

These kids make me nervous.

Is this from the middle age?

Are you really in love?

You better tell him the truth then.

You said you killed them all.

Did it just heal itself?

We came here 7,000 years ago.

We thought we killed them all 5,000 years ago, but I guess they’re back.

Why didn’t you guys help fight Thanos?

We’ve been waiting to be told when we can go home.

That Deviant healed itself. They could never do that before.

Something’s happening on Earth. This can’t be a coincidence.

Family reunion.

The Eternals serving across the galaxies will learn from your success.

Do not become attached to this planet.

Just the screams of my deep disappointment.

There is no telling what they will discover as they advance.

I didn’t come to this planet to cower behind walls.

Humans are far from being able to protect themselves from the Deviants.

If I want to spend more time with you, I need to get to know them.

I’m yours, Sersi. If you’ll have me.

It was a Deviant.

We were both lonely and needed each other.

It healed itself, just like Ajak.

He said, It’s almost time.

We don’t interfere in their wars.

Don’t listen to your head, listen to my voice.

Your mind is fracturing from the weight of your memories.

I want to remember life.

You’re asking her to erase who she is.

Could our mission be a mistake?

If you want to stop me, you are going to have to kill me.

We will take that chance.

Do not forget your place.

Find your own purpose.

Eternals Movie Quotes

It’s truly an honor to be in the presence of the great Eternals.

Your family needs you.

I am making a documentary about us.

I’m part of the greatest dynasty in the history of Bollywood.

I thought we were friends.

We should’ve all stayed together.

What took you so long?

The attack triggered her. She’s no fun to be around right now.

Remember who you are.

Ajak didn’t even choose you to lead us.

Sometimes you just have to listen.

It is a side effect of the emmergence.

The end of one life, Sersi, is the beginning of another.

Without us, our universe will fall into darkness.

Everything dies except us, because we were never alive.

Do not fail me.

I thought we were heroes.

Turns out we are the bad guys.

Can you please get rid of the saliva beer?

You are not a God. You know that, right?

I don’t like this place.

I couldn’t recognize myself in Sprite’s illusions.

You have a very angry family, sir.

I’m not powerfulenough to protect you from him.

I know you’re better than this.

I can see now. I can see what she saw.

You are not saviors, Eternals. You are murderers.

Without their flaws, they wouldn’t be human.

He gave up on humans a long time ago.

They’re not worth saving.

Is this new? Because I hate it.

You know what has never saved this planet? Your sarcasm.

I will follow you to the end, like I always do.

I’m not who you think I am.

This planet and these people have changed me.

Never have I doubted my purpose to save the celestials.

Maybe we’re the ones who changed.

I wouldn’t mind leaving this world.

I’m grateful for the life I’ve lived with you.

It started.

Revenge won’t bring peace for you.

I wish Ajak hadn’t chosen you.

What have you done?

She loved you.

Eternals Movie Quotes

I wouldn’t change a single thing about who I am.

You do not turn against your family.

I refuse to hurt any of you for my beliefs.

I didn’t see the lies in front of me.

When you love something, you protect it. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

Ajak chose you for a reason.

I’m glad you’re here.

I should’ve done this five centuries ago.

You always did underestimate her.

I’ve been waiting to clip your wings for a long time.

You’re broken. Damaged.

You can’t protect any of them.

This is your fight now.

We’re just tools of a God, built to kill.

What’s your super power?

Violence is never the answer.

This world is lucky to have you.

You followed your heart, we all did.

I can’t pretend to be human anymore.

Turns out my family history is complicated.

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