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85+ Best Amazon Prime Video FAIRFAX Quotes

Amazon Prime Video Fairfax Quotes

Amazon Prime Video Fairfax is dropping its first episodes on the streaming service tomorrow, October 29th! I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this list of 85+ of the best Amazon Prime Video Fairfax quotes.

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Fairfax Parents Guide Review

Amazon Prime Video Fairfax Quotes

Announce the drop.

Thank you drop Gods.

Why don’t you take your cis, white tude out of my protest, Chad?

Don’t make me cancel you.

I love it when you talk the revolution, babe.

Watch it, Normie.

He’d resell his mom’s kidney if he could.

What’s a drop?

How do I put this into Caucasian?

It’s the key to overnight influencer status.

Come on, fam. We’ve got work to do.

Nobody dabs anymore, Dale. Jesus.

If I die, bury me in the Gucci store.

Your life ain’t over, honey. You’re white, you’re gonna get a million second chances.

It’s called an emoji-pology, Dale.

Showing up like a total f*cking loser on the first day of school? Now that is brave.

You walked right into that thirst trap.

He’s 80% maranara.

Big Peen strikes again.

Well, Fair-f*ck-me.

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Get the hell out of my verification ceremony.

You gotta find your own lane and be true to yourself.

I only have room in my heart for my mom and my hustle.

Man, even the vending machines are old. What the f*ck is Metamucil?

I get my hand on those jeans and my kids are gonna be born verified.

You’re like if oatmeal was a person.

Am I detecting a hint of savageness?

I’m gonna die soon and I’d like to get one of my nuts off.

Make sure you get under the skin tags, okay?

Happy Dadder Day!

This dad/son duo just got another like.

Amazon Prime Video Fairfax Quotes

135 posts in 38 hours is a little much, my G. You are starting to flood the feed.

How many times you gonna clean that river?

Dale’s going international!

Why would the internet say I hate my dad, when I love my dad?

Now everyone at school thinks I want to fart in my dad’s mouth and tape it shut.

You can buy a new dad. F*ck Larry or whatever the f*ck his name is.

I’ll call FEMA, this is what they do.

Looks like we have to channel the power of the internet.

I’m going to save you, whether the internet is watching or not.

Where the only thing spicier than the Cheetoes, is the convos.

I’m a terrible activist. How am I supposed to save the entire planet when I can’t even save one stupid, f*cking, whale.

Talking is the original rap.

I stand before you to confess, I’m a punk a** father.

If hating dads is what you’re passionate about, I support you.

You packed an entire REI in that fanny and you didn’t bring your phone?

Crack up the thirst meter.

But the scalpers said they were legit.

Trust the fanny, son.

Thanks little homey. That was a close one. I almost lost my blunt.

I love how hard you ride for Welch’s.

You’re right. I am a total bada**. Still got it.

If the Mona Lisa had 3 dicks, she’d look like Cashmere.

How am I supposed to find true love, if everything in this world is fake?

I’m trying to unlock that Twitch God status.

Make me your campaign manager and we will win together.

We’re not playing Sonic The f*cking Hedgehog on your grandma’s Sega Gensis.

I don’t know how they do it in Oregon, but here at Fairfax we look forward not backsies.

When I’m done with you, you are gonna be on your knees massaging my fingers like a b*tch on prom night.

I know the code but Benny’s my boy, I gotta tell him.

Let the bear eat Benny.

Don’t make me rub Vasoline on your gums.

Life’s not fair, Dale.

Those hips don’t lie.

Real spirit means everyone has it.

Cause window seats are for A students.

Who’s ready to talk about our best pal and savior?

The only rule is, they ain’t no rules.

Blast off and stay woke.

My lame-a** white friend don’t even wear JCrew.

When the booch calls, I answer.

I’m sitting in the sinners’ corner.

Litter game for life, mother f*cker.

We’re gonna be influencers once and for all.

Private monorails are the way.

We’re on a mission for clout.

There’s some boring Brian stuff that needs to be handled.

The only thing you’re coming back with is a staff infection.

It’s you or the fanny, Dale.

You’re gonna have to go into social media witness protection when I’m through with you.

You are officially as lame as Maklamore.

Nobody wants to buy shoes from a cloutless loser.

We’re selfish as f*ck, but we’re not monsters.

We hang out with you because, in a world with fake f*ck boys and hypeys, you’re as real as it gets.

School’s for regular people, Dale.

Nobody cares about the future, we living in the now.