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Best Netflix COLIN IN BLACK & WHITE Quotes

Colin In Black & White Quotes

Netflix’s Colin In Black & White is dropping on the streaming service this Friday, October 29th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this list of the best Netflix’s Colin In Black & White quotes.

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Colin In Black & White Parents Guide Review

Colin In Black & White Quotes

Will your mom even let you see it? I know she is strict as sh*t.

I was born in Wisconsin. A place known for dairy farming and a scarcity of black people.

I felt like my hair was playing tug o war with my scalp. And the rope they were using was on fire.

You look ridiculous. I was in a ot car with an angry clown.

Biracial hair is so hard to work with, it slips and slides all over the place.

They said he looks unprofessional, intimidating, and messy.

You ever heard of a thing called decision fatigue?

You know that black hairstyle black people like, that looks like ropes? And they hang off of their head?

I never been anyone like this before. It felt like me.

In 2005, the NBA implimented a dress code because one man was brigning it to the eyes.

You know how to take care of it?

Never been around this many black people?

You’ll get the hang of it, don’t trip.

When I got my hair braided, my swag went from zero to a hundred real quick.

Cornrows made me feel like I was faster on the football fields.

You need some moisterizer or something, cause your hair’s a mess.

How long do you think this is gonna last?

I was back feeling fresh, focused and strong.

What one person embraces, another person despises.

You have to cut your hair if you are gonna stay on the team.

Because you look like a thug.

They think I’m a thug, not because they think I am a violent criminal. Because they say so.

I couldn’t rebel because I didn’t know how. Now. Now I know how and I will.

None of that is possible without that white man stamp of approval.

As long as we need that white man stamp of approval, our future are in the hands of those who may think we don’t qualify.

I knew if I do what I do, there is no competition.

Colin In Black & White Quotes

That’s the way we riding this year?

The first thing you do when you walk on the field, is size up the competition.

Why am I always the one who has to prove them wrong?

I wasn’t just there to play, I was there to dominate.

Being a quarterback is all I ever wanted my whole life.

You got the arms of a malnourished infant. Gojoin the baby squad.

QB is supposed to be a leader, right? How am I supposed to lead if I got my mouth shut.

If you’re gonna be a quarterback, you have to believe you are the best quarterback.

I never said anything about shutting up, I said listen.

I believed I was the best QB that day. And I believe my competition believed it too.

Do we really want a poster boy running varsity or do we want a quarterback?

I never doubted myself. I always knew I was a quarterback.

At least when I was on the field, I knew what the rules were and I knew what I was doing.

Sometimes I just feel uncomfortable.

You a big black dude in whitey whiteville, what do you expect?

They lucky I’m not black. I’d toss this place up.

No one told me you had such interesting hair.

Someone doesn’t have any black friends.

Colin In Black & White Quotes

It’s about to get too fast, too furious in this Dodge Caravan.

You dodged a bullet.

Resistance is futile.

Why you dress like you fix computers?

Somebody’s fiesty today.

They’re not always gonna give you a fair call. But you can’t let them stop you from playing the game.

Glad to see you are one of the good ones.

The acceptable Negro is a black character who has white characteristics.