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40+ Hilarious South Park: Post Covid: The Return Of Covid Quotes

South Park: Post Covid: The Return Of Covid Quotes

South Park: Post Covid: The Return Of Covid dropped on the Paramount+ streaming service this past week. This sequel pokes fun at the pandemic, in true time traveling style. I have a list of some of the best quotes from the show to share with readers. Check out this list of 40+ of the best and most hilarious South Park: Post Covid: The Return Of Covid quotes.

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South Park: Post Covid: The Return Of Covid Quotes

Some of you might have heard but a new virus is going around and the school wants to take extra precautions to be safe.

I’m much easier to get along with during a stay at home order.

It’s been 38 years since the pandemic first starting and people are beginning to say “enough is enough.”

Maybe the Denny’s side of you doesn’t care, but the Applebee’s side must want to help.

I don’t want ice cream. I want my species to survive.

I can’t be stuck in quarantine my whole life. I need to get back to my job of the future of comedy.

Let people see, as bad as COVID is, it’s not as bad as diabetes.

If I never meet you, my life would be meaningless.

I think Butters was a twerpy little loser kid whose parents didn’t love him. My name’s Vic.

I’m gonna tell you something that is gonna change your life. Have you ever heard of NFTs?

Focusing on who started the pandemic is racist.

Another 30 seconds in that room and you’ll start considering NFTs as a viable investment.

This is about actual time travel. I thought it was a Dr. Who convention.

South Park: Post Covid: The Return Of Covid Quotes

Sorry Maam, It’s the f*cking future. We have to respect everyone’s beliefs.

COVID happened. Space Jam 2 happened. All we can do now is try to change the way people think.

You lure people in with good pancakes and french fries, and then you f*ck ’em with some NFTs!

I have a right to question stuff.

I hate the future so f*cking much.

My entire family is in danger of being wiped out, and I swear to God if you don’t help me Butters, I will rip your f*cking balls off with my bare hands.

What are you going to do, fat a**?

It’s a farting rainbow with Tom Brady’s signature.

We will go back in time and we will kill Kyle.

Can we change our name? Because Foundation Against Time Travel is FATT.

I feel like an Islamic hooker in a gay bar. Totally normal and as respectable as any other human being.

South Park: Post Covid: The Return Of Covid Quotes

No, you’re what killed our f*cking family, remember?

The pandemic happened and there was a Space Jam 2. Soon they’ll be a Space Jam 7 and 8, like tears in rain.

As an anti-vaxxer, you understand you have to be strong and stand by your beliefs even if it means others will die.

I knew it when I first saw you wearing your Jewish clothes and your bullsh*t yarmulke. You’re a g-d d*mn phony!

What would a real Jewish person do to save his family, Kyle? Oh, you don’t know because you don’t have one.

I can’t let him change the past. I can’t lose you.

I don’t want to be alive if it means I have to be like Uncle Kyle.

Do not get vaccinated, ever. It will make you grow t*tties on your head.

Kyle. it’s true. Cartmen gets a happy life and you don’t You lose everything when you lose this friendship.

What I wouldn’t give for just one precedented time.

We needed to come together and act like us again. One precedented time.

I’m sorry for acting like a d*ck during the pandemic.

You’re not sorry, you’re just high.

I shouldn’t have yelled at you for not wearing a mask. I should’ve been more understanding.

I’m sorry. I’ve thought about it, and I just can’t do Space Jam 2. I just can not support Chinese censorship.

Kenny just won the Nobel Prize for combining dark matter and breast implants.

It’s so sad he never did anything with his life.