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35 Hilarious Netflix’s Cooked With Cannabis Quotes

I absolutely love these cooking series.  I use to watch Iron chef back in the day, Hell’s Kitchen and then when Netflix came out with the Nailed It series, I was ALL about it!  Well Netflix has a new cooking show and this time it has a fun twist, the main ingredient is cannabisCooked With Cannabis kind of reminds me of a Nailed It, as it beings on guest each time and has three people in competition.  They even have some celebrity guest judges like Ricki Lake!  Well, check out these hilarious Netflix’s Cooked With Cannabis quotes!

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Cooked With Cannabis Quotes

I’m here to have a good time, cook with weed and hopefully break some stereotypes.

Elle wants to know if the table is edible.

THC, the active component, where the party is really at.

I like the flower, I like the herb.

It tastes like unicorns.

Why does she look like what she cooked?

There is great freedom in cooking with cannabis.

My inflammation is down.

I’ve been stoned since course one.

Don’t forget, extraordinary weed.

The world loves weed, you love weed, you love food. This is the perfect blend.

Something magical happens when you put weed and food together.

That’s another thing CBD does?

Women are from soup and men are from tacos.

You can put one in your fanny pack for later.

Do you want to do a wedding show about weed with me?

I never want anyone to experience cannabis the way I experienced it the first time.

The best part of my job is that I can always be high.

Why am I holding a spoon? I’m high.

The winner is the one who mixed cannabis and food in the most interesting, elegant way.

What does the future look like with weed?

That is one thing I know, I know weed butter.

Welcome to the future, and the future pops in your mouth.

This weed done got me, I just drooled on myself.

Rum raisin is for old people, ain’t it?

I am pleasantly high.

We are going to change the world through cannabis.

I had an edible before and I woke up in a bath tub.

Holidays are stressful, so you have to up your cannaboid use.

Why are you holding the green bean like you are about to smoke it?

I’m just like, mellow yellow.

What could be better than watching a table full of Comedians getting high off their food?

Is that prop weed or real weed?

This is a weed leaf.

Comfort food and cannabis basically go hand in hand.