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75+ Netflix Never Have I Ever Quotes

You know I love my Indian culture, as half of my YouTube channel is even devoted to Bollywood trailer reactions and song reactions. So, when Netflix comes out with a new series based around that Indian culture, you know I HAVE to check it out.  Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, which is a show produced by the great Mindt Kaling, came out and I am loving it. This show has some of the best quotes I have heard, especially the one about Aunties cause my Bollywood followers always call me that! Check out this awesome list of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever quotes!

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Netflix Never Have I Ever Quotes

Your favorite Hindu girl in the San Fernando Valley. –Devi

I’d love for my arm hair to thin out. –Devi

I’d really, really like a boyfriend. –Devi

A week later, Devi’s legs stopped working. –John McEnroe

One day you will walk again, if not I will build you legs. –Fabiola

With working legs, comes a whole host of possibilities. –John McEnroe

He is eating an onion. –Eleanor

Your parents have found you a match, for marriage. –Devi’s Mom

This is John McEnroe, he is my favorite player of all time. –Devi’s Dad

You fight back with your spirit. –Devi’s Dad

You look like an Indian Kardashian. –Fabiola

He is not molesting me, he is caressing me. He is my boyfriend. –Eleanor

Do both of her friends think she is just a lonely, wheelchair girl with no dad? –John McEnroe

Here is the thing, I am into you. –Devi

I was wondering, if you would ever consider, having sex with me. –Devi

The statistical odds that I would lose my virginity to someone that hot are incredibly low. –Devi

We can talk about my dead dad any time. –Devi

I am ready to bone. –Devi

Is this kid on HGH? –Doctor

If things go well, I might start dating Paxton or something. We will see. –Devi

My mom will be home soon, so we better get to it. –Paxton

Well this certainly wasn’t the walk of shame Devi was hoping for. –John McEnroe

You should’ve thought about your bagel bites before you called me a Bitch! –Devi’s Mom

I won’t be able to walk right tomorrow because I am about to go get railed. Peace out virgin. –Devi

We already have one perfect daughter, that is all we need. Our family is complete. –Devi’s Dad

You can’t go around wishing Nazi’s will kill classmates. –Principal Grubbs

When my parents first adopted her, I use to sit by her bed every night with a Nerf gun. That is why my cat only has one eye. –Paxton

I can’t believe a woman who was brave enough to travel halfway around the world to pursue her dreams would allow anyone to dictact who she will be with. –Steve

Who cares, you are with Paxton right? You are going to have hospital sex like Greys Anatomy. –Fabiola

I don’t have an Aladdin because he just wants to be friends. –Devi

Mom don’t say ‘of age’ it reminds me of a douche commercial. –Devi

Aunties are older Indian women who have no blood relation to you, but are allowed to have opinions about your life and all your shortcoming and you have to be nice to them because you’re Indian. –John McEnroe

You aren’t necessarily good at UN just because you are a UN. –Ben

They don’t know that I’m gay. –Fabiola

Why are you lying to everyone about us having sex? –Paxton

What I want to say is, I am, I am, I am switching from French to an AP lab this year. –Fabiola

While Devi might have become persona non grata at home, at school she was grata as hell. –John McEnroe

That’s impossible. My mother is an actress on a cruise that is currently docked in Cancun. –Eleanor

Clearly this is touchy for some reason I don’t care about. –Paxton

I know yeilding the chair doesn’t sound exciting to cool jocks like you or me, but that was the model UN equivalent of me throwing my racket at an umpire. –John McEnroe

Devi was panicing, how did Ben found out about her lie? Simple, her friends told him. -John McEnroe

I can’t believe I trusted Paxton’s beautiful mouth over her. –Eleanor

And I love this for me, finally a gay friend. –Eleanor

Paxton is not dumb, he is just consistantly bad at school. –Devi

I thought we were friends but you were just using me. –Paxton

Trust me. Whatever s%&* you have going on, my s%&* is bigger. I have the bigger s%&*. –Devi

This is Ben Gross. He is a 15 year old boy from Shermen Oaks California. And I am American Actor, Producer, writer and fake rapper, Andy Samberg. –Andy Samberg

It’s not fun Ben, it’s work, on me. So I can be a better mom to you. –Vivian

Maybe if it were a Lakers game but my followers don’t want to see Billy Crystal eating nachos or whatever. –Shira

Just keep your nose out of my business and up the teacher’s butt where it usually is. –Devi

Ben was a resilent kid. Whenever he experienced a set back, and last night was a real doozie, he always bounced back stronger than before. –Andy Samberg

You guys have dinner together every night? –Ben

I never had sex with Paxton, I just let everyone believe I did. –Devi

You think you are a loser? I was so lonely I got catfished by a middle aged man yesterday. –Ben

I don’t think we can, your instabilty makes this friendship feel unsafe for all of us. –Jonah

This is a A, B, C conversation. So can you get your D out of here. –Devi

I’ve almost didn’t recognize you. You’ve really grown into your eyebrows. –Joyce

You are an actress, why not give her the old razzle dazzle? –Devi

I didn’t want you to see me because I am a failure. –Joyce

What happens in the gab sess, stays in the gab sess. –Joyce

I am not disappointed. You just hit me with something big and I am trying to process. –Elise

I know that to live my life without regrets, I need to give Broadway one more shot. –Joyce

This was her chance to make good on her promise to be a better friend. –John McEnroe

I’m different since I quit the play. I’m no longer a creative person so I no longer require a colorful appearance. –Eleanor

If women didn’t accept eachothers apologies, The View would grind to a hault. –Devi

I knew you were rich, but this is like that house they live in on The Bachelor. –Devi

We just miss our old friend, but right now you are not her. You just seem lost. –Eleanor

She just kissed Paxton friggin’ Hall friggin’ Yoshida. –John McEnroe

No one is forcing you to do anything, all we can do is point you in the right direction. –Devi’s Mom

I feel like a stranger here and I don’t have a support system and frankly, without your father around I just feel like I am really struggling to raise you. –Devi’s Mom

You are struggling to raise me because you don’t like me. –Devi

I wish you were the one that died that night. –Devi

Devi hoped that kissing Paxton was not a one time thing. –John McEnroe

Have you considered that falling apart might be the thing to bring your family back together? –Doctor

I’m not Marie Kondo-ing members of this family for your dumb India move. –Devi

I kiss a lot of girls. –Paxton

I love you. You are my only child. You are my whole family. –Devi’s Mom