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CANDYMAN Parents Guide Movie Review

Candyman does a great job of tying in the old film series while intertwining the plague of racism we are still battling today. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

CANDYMAN Parents Guide

Candyman is coming to theaters tomorrow, August 27th! The film is based off the 1992 movie of the same name and brings in writer Jordan Peele and director Nia DaCosta to deliver an even more frightening horror flick for a new generation. Check out all the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Candyman Movie Quotes

CANDYMAN Parents Guide

In present day, a decade after the last of the Cabrini towers were torn down, Anthony and his partner move into a loft in the now gentrified Cabrini Green. A chance encounter with an old-timer exposes Anthony to the true story behind Candyman. Anxious to use these macabre details in his studio as fresh grist for paintings, he unknowingly opens a door to a complex past that unravels his own sanity and unleashes a terrifying wave of violence.

CANDYMAN Parents Guide

CANDYMAN Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch Candyman.

Language: Candyman contains some very harsh language with profanity used throughout. Lookout words include: f*ck, sh*t, a**, a**h*le, d*ck, p*&&y, b*tch, mother f*cker, n*&&*r, d*mn and more.

Violence: If you have seen the 1992 film, the violence is very much the same. Viewers will see multiples murders, gory and bloody death scenes, throats cut, suicides, talk of suicide and more.

Mature Content: The movie has a heavy tone of racism, which may trigger some. There is also consumption of alcohol and drug use in the movie.

Overall Thoughts

While Candyman is very much a horror film which will have viewers jumping out of their seats and the hairs on their arms standing at attention, there is also a message of racism given throughout the movie. DaCosta does a wonderful job bringing out the imagery laid out in the script, and keeping her finger on the pulse of a woke America. Some while understand and appreciate the underlying message which has plagued people of color for far too long in this country, and sadly others will think the movie itself is racist.

Candyman well represents the cruelty and trauma experienced within the black community, and although he reprsents evil and horror, there is a purpose behind the Candyman. He is hells vengeful fallen angel ready to be invoked by those in the know when words aren’t enough, ironic as it is words that beckon him. Candyman is not a singular person, but “the whole damn hive” of people of color who were victims of violence. The storyline feels real, a little too real, as if it could be taken from the headlines in today’s newspapers. Running a perfect 90 minutes, Candyman doesn’t overstay its welcome, and reimagines this seminal series for a new generation to enjoy.

CANDYMAN Parents Guide

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