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45+ Best Netflix’s FATHER CHRISTMAS IS BACK Movie Quotes

Father Christmas Is Back Movie Quotes

Netflix’s Father Christmas Is Back premiered on the streaming service this past weekend. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I have a list of some of the best quotes from the film. I love a good movie line, and this film had some great ones. Check out this list of 45+ of the best Netflix’s Father Christmas Is Back movie quotes.

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Father Christmas Is Back Parents Guide Movie Review

Father Christmas Is Back Movie Quotes

I know you love Christmas, but there is no need to shag the tree.

I don’t want those toilet roll decorations.

You’re not a supporting actress. What do you want to be? A sheep?

This is going to be the best Christmas ever.

Hamish is now Felix. She traded in her trader name for a new one.

Here we are again. Christmas at Dunnock Manor, capital of nowhere.

Sexual repression is in. For once in your life, you’re ahead of the curve.

No need to be impressed. Nothing to do with me.

But you went with the theme of sewage instead. Nice work.

This bag is worth more than your kidneys.

A tribute to that bewitching mother of yours.

She’s been working on her thesis for ten years.

I love a whiff of urine and old fart on Christmas Day.

Father Christmas Is Back Movie Quotes

Even the Beatles didn’t dedicate their lives to the Beatles.

Y’all drink proper tea and everything.

This is so d*mn typical of you. Thinking nothing of taking a big cr*p over the rest of us, and expecting someone else, usually me, to clean it up.

He’s like the oldest swinger in town.

You know what I hate about being English in America? Nothing.

Mommy said you were dead.

I love your dinky little English accents. I feel like I’ve landed in Hogwarts.

You can’t call the police on Christmas.

And now I’ll leave you with the charming girls, so you can see what you’ve been missing for the last 27 years.

I want to cancel Christmas.

You smell of fornication.

We must learn to forgive, especially this time of year.

Did you ever have something so beautiful, something you’ve loved so much, and then lost it?

naked in shower but doesnt show anything***drinking alcohol and getting drunk***

Like a bad penny, I always turn up, ya know?

Family is everything.

You’re dead to the whole family.

This must be hard for them. Go be with your daughters.

Father Christmas Is Back Movie Quotes

You’ve been in America all this time. You haven’t even thought about us.

Leaving was the right thing to do, at least at the time.

She tells us every year that she is gay, and then she doesn’t provide any evidence.

I looked for you that Christmas morning, and I look for you every Christmas since.

If we have no lights, how will Father Christmas find us?

Between the two of us, we could power up the Pennines.

You think Santa would mind if I opened one of my presents early?

English men are so emotional.

Well, he should be. He can’t do anything right.

He wouldn’t just leave for no reason. He isn’t you.

It’s not wonderful, I’m going to have a bloody baby.

I guess it’s tradition for the men in our family to walk out on Christmas Day.

Please don’t blame your mother. Sometimes things just happen.

Now you are going to help save a marriage for once.

I was so wrapped up in trying to build a practice that I actually neglected my wife and my girls.

Your dad came to get me. He’s an amazing man.

Promise me this. We spend next Christmas with my family.

The name’s not Christmas for nothing.