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55+ Shocking Netflix ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL Quotes

Netflix Anatomy Of A Scandal Quotes

Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal drops on the streaming service tomorrow, April 15th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 55+ of the best and most shocking Netflix Anatomy of a Scandal quotes.

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Netflix Anatomy Of A Scandal Quotes

I need a drink, Brian, but I’ll settle on a towel.

There’s more. You’re not telling me just to tell me to unburden yourself. There’s more.

The truth won today.

Sex doesn’t have to kill a career these days.

She’s a woman, not a horse.

Sometimes I think sex is the root of all evil.

The past is the past as far as I’m concerned.

They’re anal chugging.

Boys will be boys, but I’m sure this one has learned his lesson.

I am not my mother. I will not live my mother’s life. I will not be the long-suffering spouse.

I always thought that our marriage was superior. Immune.

I am grateful for one thing. The certainty that you are the one person I want to die with.

If the future doesn’t include you, Sophie Whitehouse, the future is sh*te.

Next to you, Michelangelo just threw paint at the chapel Jackson Pollock style.

It will always be vagina, anus, mouth, penis to me.

We live in a country where raping your wife wasn’t legally considered rape until 1991.

Long gone are the days a shag like this would just be a mark in a Blue Book. It’s different now. The road is paved in Me Too land mines.

Netflix Anatomy Of A Scandal Quotes

We always come out on top.

Let’s not drink it. Let’s waste it. Let’s drink it and piss it up the wall.

In years to come, we will be rich enough to say we poured our Bolly away.

If you believe me, you’ll be there.

What began as a yes, pretty quickly became a no.

I like a woman who likes her whiskey.

My heart says yes, but my head says no. 

I was focusing on him not seeing my lip move. I didn’t want it to end because I was in love with him.

The truth is always convincing.

I think you are ruthless when you need to be. Cruel even.

It’s not just the physical aspect of the assault; it’s about what it does to you mentally.

I don’t care how high-profile he is. Another woman has been raped. Another woman deserves her day in court.

I control your message, not your f*cking party.

I did not do what I’m accused of. You did do, what you are not accused of.

I was brought up to control my emotions. I suddenly lost all of my skills.

Your full support is a wet turd on the floor of the Palace of Westminster. You’re an accused rapist, twice over.

Do I have to defend myself against your nightmares as well now?

The fact that you survived a broken home as a child has made you all the more determined to keep your own family together.

We are officially, formally, lucky.

What a massive workout your penis was getting.

Are you still you?

Where the f*cks me pumpkin coach?

Don’t be such a prick tease.


So today, you’ve got to f*ck up brilliantly.

Tell me everything’s going to be okay.

We were equally invested in each other.

I see what you are doing. Painting me as arrogant, a man without doubts or qualms. Calling me entitled, essentially. That I’m some kind of privileged beast brought up to believe he can take whatever he wants. The thing is, I’m not that man.

You’re not suggesting that a lifetime of service entitles you to rape?

The past informs the present, doesn’t it?

Careers hang in the balance with cases like this.

You’ve always defended me, stood by me.

I’m just trying to be honest with myself. I’m trying to be honest with you.

“Not here” means “no.”

I know you’ll not make the mistake of thinking that different rules apply to the rich and powerful. That people who aren’t used to the word “no” should be exempt from hearing it. That their liberties are different.

Sometimes I can’t believe that I spend my life defending these people.

The core truth is that I would never, ever force myself on a woman.

It’s like a toy with you, the truth. You play with it.

No one knows me like you.

I don’t know who the f*ck you are anymore. And I don’t know who the f*ck I am, because I always define myself through you.