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60+ Shocking AppleTV+ ROAR Quotes

AppleTV+ Roar Quotes

AppleTV+ ROAR drops its first episodes on the streaming service this Friday, April 15th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 60+ of the best and most shocking AppleTV+ Roar quotes.

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AppleTV+ Roar Parents Guide Review

AppleTV+ Roar Quotes

I didn’t know you were black.

I know you are humble and sh*t but wait until you see this hotel I’m taking you to.

La Casa de we give a sh*t.

She said “walk.” We don’t say that word in LA.

Make the most of this moment. I’m telling you, you earned it.

Imagine if people could actually walk a day in your shoes. Experience the world as you, a black woman. It is an extraordinary opportunity for empathy.

I feel like I’m being picked for a version of Black For Dummies.

This is next level.

I don’t know what I am.

You think I am so far gone that I can’t answer my own door?

He also said it would be years until I got worse. He was way off, wasn’t he?

Could we just not talk? It is making me exhausted.

AppleTV+ ROAR Quotes

You are trying to trick me into memory aerobics.

I’m not her daughter anymore. I’m at the end of being a mother. And I’m scared.

If I had to choose between you being smart and you being beautiful, I would choose beautiful every time.

It’s a fairy-tale, really.

You are just too extraordinary to lead an ordinary life.

That is a pretty nice view for a pretty nice life.

A kiss is still a very thoughtful gift.

You’re so pretty.

There’s too many white people in here, maybe that is why he don’t want to come out.

Why are you trying to ruin my paternity leave?

I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists?

It’s like he can almost smell me.

When you come home, you are supposed to make things better, not worse.

It doesn’t have to be a sign of weakness to see a therapist.

All I can see is how I will never be able to tell him his birth was beautiful because it was a f*cking bloodbath.

You’re letting it eat you alive.

I’m a duck not a dumb a**.

You’re a feminist duck?

You seem to be very concerned with being polite.

Live your life in techno-color.


You think a lot about other people, even to the detriment of your own happiness.

I know you are a pretty cool chick, who deserves more than you think you do.

You could stand to lighten up on the carbs yourself, just saying.

Why the f*ck is this bearded dragon here? Who let you in?

It’s surprising what you can put up with.

Somebody wanted it to look pretty.

It’s annoying that you are actually quite attractive.

Now I’m just going to have PMS for all eternity?

If I am a ghost, why am I still getting cramps?

I was trying to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We are mind melding.

It’s always someone you know, but I didn’t think it would be you.

If Gwenyth Paltrow’s head is in here, I’m gonna be pissed.

You got it from here.

Even if you think about dying, you don’t ever think about being killed.

What is marriage if not an agreement for two people to be trapped together?

In America, if you don’t like your husband, simply exchange him and get yourself a new husband.

Life is not all about happiness, life is about enduring hard things.

You returned him. I picked him up!

I’m a new man.

I’m Bargan Basement. You deserve better.

You want to take revenge like a man, you got to dress like one.

Spirits turn you into a sl*t or a witch. Sometimes both.

I’m out here risking my life for you, and you’re too self involved to care.

Some men use silence to convey power and resolve.

She can forgive you for being a degenerate, she says, but not for being such a neglectful father.

That’s just being a man. It’s what men do.

Your endless suffering is apology enough.

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