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50+ Shocking WOMEN TALKING Movie Quotes

Women Talking Movie Quotes

Women Talking is now playing in select theaters across the nation. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 50+ of the best and most shocking Women Talking movie quotes.

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Women Talking Parents Guide Movie Review

Women Talking Movie Quotes

This story ends before you were born.

When you look up to feeling of hands that were not there, the elders told us it was the work of ghosts or satan. Or that we were lying to get attention. or that it was an act of wild female imagination.

I used to wonder who I would be if it hadn’t happened to me.

We were given two days to forgive the attackers before they returned. If we did not forgive them, we would be ordered to leave the colony and be denied entry to the kingdom of heaven.

It is part of our faith to forgive. We have always forgiven those who have wronged us; why not now?

I cannot forgive them. I can never forgive them.

We have been preyed upon like animals. We should respond like animals.

Just leave with the rest of the “do nothing” women.

Women Talking Movie Quotes

Where I come from, where your mother comes from, we didn’t talk about our bodies. So when something like this happened, there was no language for it.

In that gaping silence was the real horror.

Why did my feet keep moving forward when hers couldn’t?

Perhaps we need to know more about what we are fighting to achieve rather than what we are fighting to destroy.

We’re women without a voice.

All we have is our dreams, so of course we are dreamers.

We know that we must protect our children, regardless of who is guilty.

Are you saying the attackers are as much victims as the victims of the attacks?

None of us have ever asked the men for anything, not a single thing.

Sometimes I think people laugh as hard as they’d like to cry.

How would you feel if, for your entire life, it didn’t matter how you thought?

When we liberate ourselves, we will have to ask ourselves who we are.

I love it. Isn’t that strange?

I won’t speak of it or anything else ever again.

I want to help, and I don’t know how.

There are no cons of leaving.

Time will heal. Our freedom and safety are the ultimate goals, and it is men who prevent us from achieving those goals.

One day, I’d like to hear that from someone who should be saying it.

If I were married, I wouldn’t be myself. So the person you loved would be gone.

They made us disbelieve ourselves. That was worse than…

If God is a loving god, then he will forgive us himself.

I will destroy any living thing that harms my child. I will tear it limb from limb. I will desecrate its body and burn it alive.

I will become a murderer if I stay.

Women Talking Movie Quotes

By staying here, we women will be betraying the center tenant of our faith, which is pacifism.

We cannot become murderers, and we cannot endure any more violence, which is why we must leave.

Freedom is good; it is better than slavery. Forgiveness is good; it is better than revenge. And hope of the unknown is good; it is better than hatred of the familiar.

Always moving, never fighting.

Leaving is how we demonstrate our faith. We are leaving because our faith is stronger than the rules. Bigger than our life.

I’m sorry, but I think I might be dying.

I am sorry, because you do not need or deserve anymore harm.

Is there such a thing? A forgiveness that is not good?

It was disappointing to realize everything that mattered to you could be gathered up in a few short hours.

I wish there was something I could teach you that you didn’t already know.

We want our children to be safe. We want to be steadfast in our faith. And we want to thank.

I will not be buried in this colony. Get me into a buggy now and let me die on this trail.

I will always love you.

You are the boys’ teacher.

Don’t come back. Don’t ever come back, any of you.

The purpose was for you to take the minutes.

We’ll meet again.

Your story will be different from ours.