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40+ Best MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM Movie Quotes

Ma Rainey Black Bottom Movie Quotes

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom movie is the last one Chadwick Boseman worked on and it is in theaters now. The film is coming to Netflix on December 18th and will wow audiences. I will have a movie review coming soon, so check back later, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the film! You know me I love me a good line and this film had some great ones. Check out my list of 40+ of the best Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom movie quotes.

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Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Movie Quotes

I can play some good music now.

Toledo, I’d just like to be inside your head for five minutes just to see how you think. You done got more sh*t piled up and mixed up in there than a devil got sinners.

I don’t see your name in lights.

I know how to play real music, not none of this old jugg band sh*t.

Style ain’t nothing but keeping the same idea from beginning to end.

A one, a two, a you know what to do.

The colored man ought to be doing more than trying to have a good time all the time.

I done had bad luck my whole life. Couldn’t get no worse. What the hell I care about bad luck?

If you are gonna tell it, tell it right.

I ain’t never been in no recording studio.

You gona travel with the show, you gotta look nice.

When you get your money, you gonna send some home to your Mama. let her know you doing alright.

Levee’s arrangement gives the people what they want. It makes them excited, forget about their troubles.

I’m singing Ma Rainey’s song, I ain’t singing no Levee song.

Ma listen to her heart. Ma listen to the voice inside her. That’s what count with Ma.

I done wrote a version of that song with what picks it up and sets it down in the people’s lap, and here she comes talking this. You don’t need that old circus bullsh*t. I know what I’m talking about.

He need to make money to keep him in shoe polish.

Ma Rainey Black Bottom Movie Quotes

You done seen the rest, now I’m gonna show you the best. Ma Rainey is gonna play Black Bottom.

How the hell the boy gonna do the part he can’t even talk?

He’s spooked up by the white man. Ain’t had time to study ’em.

Levee got to be Levee.  He don’t need no one messing with him about the white man.

I was 8 years old when a gang of white mans come into my daddy’s house and have to do with my mama any way they want.

My daddy went and smiled in the face of one of them crackers who had been with my mama. Smiled in his face and sold him our land.

They tracked him down in the woods. Caught up with him, hung him, set him afire.

The band work for me.

Where’s my Coke? I need a Coca-Cola.

I know he stutters. Don’t you think I know that he stutters? This is what gonna help him.

I don’t need nobody getting something for nothing and leave me standing in my door.

Mama don’t stand for no sh*t.

They don’t care nothing about me. All they want is my voice.

They don’t call me sweet lemonade for nothing.

Can I introduce my red rooster to your brown hen?

Music will do that, it fills things up. The more music you have in the world, the fuller it is.

You sing cause that’s a way of understanding life. The blues help you get out of bed in the morning. You get up knowing you ain’t alone. There’s something else in the world. Something’s been added by that song.

Blues always been there. But if they wanna call me the mother of clues, that’s all right with me. It don’t hurt none.

Ma Rainey Black Bottom Movie Quotes

Make ya feel good to be a fool but it don’t last long. Over in a minute, then you got to tend with the consequences.

A fool is responsible for what happened to him. A fool cause it to happen. Like Levee.

But can you dance?

Where the hell was God when all of this was going on?

Save him like you did my mama.

You suppose to be my manager, talking about stickin’ together. Start stickin’.

You stepped on my shoe.