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115+ Shocking HULU A TEACHER Quotes – Miniseries FX On HULU


I watched the miniseries A Teacher on FX on HULU this past week, since the final episode dropped, and let me tell you I was hooked. It sort of reminded me of that true life story about Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher who fell in love with her student and went to jail because of the affair. I took down some of the best quotes from the series, you know I love me a good line and this had some shocking ones. Check out this list of 110+ shocking HULU A Teacher quotes from the FX series.

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A Teacher Parents Guide Review


I didn’t know I was married to a delinquent.

She is too hot to be a teacher.

Just because I’m a teacher doesn’t mean I don’t have good taste.

I’m ovulating.

Looks like you’ve been having a good night. Better call mommy and daddy to tell them to pick you up.

One of my students got in trouble, so I’m going to go help him out.

Whatever I do, I just want to help people.

I feel like I can trust you.

I never met my dad. My mom got pregnant and he was out.

You are going to have plenty of time to be an adult. Just be happy.

You can’t just blow our savings because you want to jam with a bunch of middle ages doctors.

I like being out in the world with you.

Yesterday was not okay.

If anyone found out what you did yesterday, my life would be ruined.

I can’t afford the classes everyone else takes.

You think about what the doctor said this morning?

Whenever you’re ready, we’ll make it work. I just really want to start a family with you.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

I wanted to keep tutoring but I’m too attracted to you.

We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

I’m the man. I’m the motherf(*&^%^ man.

You’re not the only one that ghosted last night.

It’s nice to see you are still alive.

We should probably schedule more tutoring sessions.

You can not tell anyone about us, ever.

I’m sorry you had a bad day at work.

I can tell I’m not gonna like him already.

You’re a bad b*tch.


I love that you’re husband is giving you hickeys.

I can’t wait to f*&^ you.

I didn’t even know this was going to happen again.

Are you doing drugs?

There is a deer to remind us we’re in Texas.

Delete that video.

I’m so proud of you.

I was just walking reminder of what he had lost.

Snug in.

I like the way you smell in the morning.

You know I didn’t have a choice.

Take your underwear off.

I’m scared to smoke pot.

I was a virgin until I met Matt in the senior year of college.

It was self imposed. I just needed rules, ya know?

And tomorroe you’re going to go back to him, and act like this never happened.

Is this just some bored housewife sh*t?

You’re not going to want me when you go to college.

I’m risking my entire life to be with you.

I’m even impressed with myself right now.

I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve never given myself permission to feel this way.

That’s like a monumental abuse of power.

He’s a kid.

I’m having an affair.

I need to see you.

He is having a sexual relationsip with a teacher at school.

She’s been having sex with a highschool student, she’s got issues man.

I am very worried about you.

They can look at this thing as a kidnapping. Just do the right thing.

My entire life gone for you.

Look at me.

Let me get this straight. You nailed the hottest teacher when you were a student?

I know about you and your teacher.

Did she teach you to do what you just did?

It’s f*&^ed up how hard they came down on her, man.

You start going to counseling?

She’s getting released in a couple of days.

You must have such a weird relationship with sex.

We all have different strengths and abilities and tonight we come together as brothers.

Your life begins now.

None of you f*&^% better touch Karen, but you better tip her.

I heard you were a naughty, naughty student. Time for detention.

I miss her. I miss her so much.

You should’ve told me you were bringing dad, it was a complete ambush.

I told Lisa you would get a job soon, so get a job soon.

I wouldn’t say he’s happy about pretty much anything right now.


I just wanted to feel like myself again.

This woman can not work here. Claire Wilson, you will see she is a sexual predator.

It’s obvious you don’t want me here. I get it.

I wanted to feel free.

Don’t blame your f*&^ed up childhood. Take some responsbilty.

This is all my fault.

I just wanted someone else to know how happy we were. We were happy, right?

Being with you, it was everything.

I can’t do anything without you.

What we had, was an escape. It wasn’t love.

Go be a kid, Eric. Just go.

Your my first Tinder date.

When was the last time someone kissed you?

I got into some trouble, so I have to wear this thing.

Real lucky to have him as your dad.

I feel like you got this different vibe than you did at the beginning of the semester.

You don’t have to pretend you’ve been worried about how I am.

I don’t know how I ever loved you.

When you are not looking is when you find it.

Hit me. Harder.

Hit me like the dirty sl*t that I am.

Your secret’s safe with me.

I just got out of a long term thing. 5 years. It’s just been really hard.

I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

Stop trying to help me.

I can’t even look at you. This whole “good man” act.

I’ve spent my entire life running from you, trying to be safe.

I need help.


I feel mighty happy to have all my family together like this.

Claire, I’m proud of you.

You’ve been keeping tabs on me?

I didn’t think this was going to happen again.

That was like a whole lifetime ago.

You’re a good guy, Walker.

I Googled you.

I didn’t move forward with my life. Our relationship f*^&ing destroyed me.

My marriage wasn’t working so I blew it up because that was the only way I knew how to end it.

You know how long it took me to figure out I wasn’t responsible?

I was just a kid, Claire.

Now being a mother, knowing I did that, I can’t understand it myself.

You call me here today because you are sick of feeling guilty.

You’re still making this about you.

I will never be one click away from this Claire, I have to live with this forever. So do you.