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75+ Badass Netflix BARBARIANS Quotes

Netflix BARBARIANS Quotes

Netflix Barbarians is a new series that dropped last week and I am hooked. I seriously have already watched it three times already!  I will have a review coming, so make sure to check back and read it, it will be linked down below.  In the meantime, I jotted down some of the most baddass quotes from the series.  My collection of lines came out to be over 75 of them, that is how much I am into this series. Have I told you yet, how much I loved it?!?! Anyways, check out my list of 75+ badass Netflix Barbarians quotes from the series!

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Netflix Barbarians Parents Guide

Netflix Barbarians Quotes

Should I stab him for you?

Why are the Roman’s breaking our agreement? We made peace with Rome.

Your idea of peace amounts to a raking pile of sh*t.

We’ll keep the peace.

My little brother is braver than all those a**es.

Finally, you’re here my son.

We will give our last goat to keep the peace if the Reik asks us.

They demand that you kiss their eagle.

There is no germanic law. There is only Rome.

Lets go bird hunting.

We’ve got to be hungrier than all the wolves, steadfast. If we’re ready to give everything, then we get what we want and the Romans get what they deserve.

You speak our language.

They have the eagle!

Netflix Barbarians Quotes 1

The Romans will be good to our sons.

When you pick a fight with Rome, thats how it goes.

I always believed that one day you’d come back. But I had no idea you grown into such an a**h*le.

I didn’t come to Germania to help with your advancement, Barbarian.

Only the gods can sentence a man to death.

For once, just think.

Rome will be your mother now. And your father.

A Barbarian doesn’t betray his own.

It’s a shame you didn’t get to see your son grow to be a man.

We will follow you. We’ll all follow you.

Nothing lasts forever. Stars. Trees. Animals. People. Even the gods. Everything perishes in the end. The wolf will come and the Earth will burn.

That will be his death sentence.

Why do you still hang on to that miserable swordsman, who is doomed to die?

Nobdy wants you here. Go, now.

We wouldn’t let an animal suffer so.

He’s already dead. I was just doing what has already been done.

I’ll curse you for this.

I say f*&^ that gods of the underworld.

Gods, I beg you to avenge my family. You are more powerful than the three women of the woods. Show me your power.

For this I will sacrifice what is most precious to me, my first born.

Show me what you see, show me.

Varius just wants your head, and he’ll have it.

Make way for your son Arminius. He will lead the Cherusci.

A son succeeds his father, that is the natural course of events.

This is your destiny. I am giving you that which you were born to have, Arminius. You will become the reik of your tribe.

Everything that begins, ends eventually.

This is where you can best serve Rome.

Where death is, life will come. Where blood flows, wisdom also flows. I’ve seen you all in my dreams.

I thought you only believed in your sword.

The Romans pretend to be our friends.

Netflix Barbarians Quotes 2

Your enemies are my enemies.

They see you as a Roman, what reason would any of them have to follow you?

Your Reik is my bridegroom.

You’re more like me than you’ll admit, daughter.

If we give up now, he died for nothing.

Tell him I’ll cut his balls off and feed them to the dogs.

bring me a son from every reik as a hostage.

I learned a lot from them, about the lights in the sky. In Rome, some believe they are big spheres. The Greeks call them planets. They are fast like arrows, they are flying around us.

Everyone knows those are the campfires of the spirits in the sky. Spheres. {laughter}

The wolf is at your door and you Shepards are fighting voer a handful of wool.

I wanted your sons to have a life different than mine. In Rome they taught me to forget my people, despise my way of life and my family, my beliefs, my roots. Our roots! They were able to do those things because my father was all alone.

If we don’t fight, Rome will keep taking our sons.

They think themselves invincible but that is exactly their weakness.

For our children! For our freedom! Lets fight as one people! Lets stand up as one people! Lets triumph as one people!

I don’t want to be without you.

The snake will be so long then, that when we cut off the head, the tail won’t notice. And we hack it to bits, little by little by little.

We force them to retreat. And then, we’ll be waiting for them.

This man you call Arminius, he will betray you.

It’s true. I’m going to betray you, Father. Segestes is absolutely right. I’ll lure three Roman legions, or more, fifteen thousand men into an ambush, and surround them with five hundred of my barbarian friends. me, a knight of the Roman Empire. That’s exactly my plan.

Netflix Barbarians Quotes 3

My son, I doubted you for a moment. Please forgive me.

You have misgivings? Arminius is risking his life to bring the Legions into the forest, where our gods live, and you have misgivings?

The father of the gods has seen whats coming because he sacrificed his eye. Its proof you want? Its proof you want?! ITS PROOF YOU WANT?!

Kill them all.

Everything I know about fighting, I know from you. What do we fight for? I often asked you that.

Some fight for what use to be. And others, for that which is to come. We fight for love. We fight for honor. We fight for glory. We fight for our freedom. Some fight for their children, some fight for their gods.

Whatever we’re fighting for, we pay the price in blood.

We all must die, the guilty and the innocent.

Your biggest weakness was your trust in me.

I ask myself, what were you fighting for? And was it worth it?

Rome has fallen.

You have won the hearts of your warriors. They will be calling your name.

If and when you end up ruling, I’ll be the first to kill you.

Your path is dangerous.

Its been growing awhile and it isn’t the child of your king. The gods have their own special ways of punishing us.