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30+ BEST Spellbounding SPELL Movie Quotes

SPELL Movie Quotes

The new Spell movie is to be sure to scare your socks off and comes to Premium Video On-Demand and digital tomorrow, October 30th!  I will have a review of the film very soon, so be on the lookout because I will link it down below.  In the meantime, I took down some of the most freightening and spellbounding quotes from the film.  You know I enjoy jotting down some of my favorites lines from films I enjoy, and lets just say these freaked me out the most!!!  So, check out my collection of 30+ spellbounding Spell movie quotes!

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Spell movie Parents Guide

SPELL Movie Quotes

Don’t think for a second just because this case is suppose to be quote on quote “my people”, that I don’t plan on taking that ball straight to the end zone and cramming that ball down the throats of their attornies.

Why use fists, when we have not yet used words?

He wasn’t a kind man, lets just say stuck in time a bit.

The way you treat them, they are becoming like entitled jerks.

Ma’am, I just want to know how I got here and where my family is.

You do look like you can eat corn through a picket fence, though.

There ain’t nothing slow about Louis.

Ain’t noone in that messed up old plane but your own self.

SPELL Movie Quotes 1

You gonna learn when you live as long as me, money can’t buy everything, especially a telephone when you ain’t got one.

You ain’t never heard of a Boogity?

A Boogaty is kind of a folk magic.

I put you up, I put you down, I put you sideways and I spin you around.

Instead of the Holy Spirit, we use the Boogity.

We don’t have much of the way as Obamacare around here.

Sorry about what I said yesterday. I didn’t mean it, I jsut miss my family.

He wasn’t one to spare a rod. I saw those scars on ya.

It’s telling me it will be around the blood moon when you get well enough and see your family again.

Your better self is calling you.

You somehow forgotten who you are.

What you up to, you old crazy lady?

They putting a spell on me.

You get some rest, since you mighty close to all this being over.

You got a big mouth, don’t you?

Hold up fella, I might not be too set with the times, but that sounds racist to me.

You and your boojie a** woman just wouldn’t listen.

SPELL Movie Quotes 2

We gonna have us a special power night tonight.

I done told you, you gotta reap what you sow.

The only thing that might be better about you, than all these people right here, is this heart.

You get him, Louis. You kill him.

That’s why I hide my Boogity, where no one can mess with it.

That’s why I made my own.

You taught me a lot Miss Ellie, so did my Pops.

Get back, so I don’t have to use these Boogities.