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60+ Shocking Netflix’s DAY SHIFT Movie Quotes

Day Shift Movie Quotes

Netflix’s Day Shift drops on the streaming service tomorrow, August 12th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 60+ of the best and most shocking Day Shift movie quotes.

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Day Shift Parents Guide Movie Review

Day Shift Movie Quotes

This old b*tch.

You cling to the old ways like a tick on a dog’s a**.

Maybe we can dig you back up in 100 years and show you what we’ve done with the place.

They ain’t no Yogurtworld in Florida.

I know you’ve been through a whole lot, but please don’t take my daughter away.

It’s just one man. I can still smell him.

Find him.

Pink penguin puffy pants.

I’m a changed man. I cut out pork and cartoons, and minimal white women.

I made it my life’s work keeping cowboys like you out of the union.

And remember, Bud, one last strike.

I’m gonna fart in my yogurt tomorrow, and you’re gonna eat my fart.

The sooner he f*cks up, the sooner your sweet cheeks are in Carol’s desk.

It’s a hue of green that I found to be complimentary with my skintone.

Listen, Guacamole suit.

I’m going hunting. I don’t know about you.

I don’t have to read the book. I’m out here.

Just stay in the truck and do your business.

You’ve been a bad boy, Troy.

Day Shift Movie Quotes

Did you know a vampire cannot live without its fangs?

Everything that makes a vampire a predator, is in its fangs.

You’re not a god, you’re a big mistake. You’re a genetic mutation that would’ve died out if there hadn’t been a stinking hole for y’all to crawl into.

You want your promotion? You want Carol’s desk? Then get off your a**, get in there, and verify those violations.

Oh! Hair on your nipples.

Hang your leg out the back so it can air dry.

You forgot your man-purse.

I got a little bit of that yellow stuff in my butthole. It’s so much worse than what you described.

You gonna die in the name of kissing your bosses’ a**?

If we went by the book, we’d both be dead right now.

Who’s the cupcake?

Want to get a selfie for your Instagram?

Time to get paid.

It’s a hive.

This m*therf*cker threw me up the stairs?

It’s kind of my thing.

Listen, peepee pants. This is man’s world, not for a little boy.

Vampire sunscreen? The Valley? I don’t like the sound of this.

These types on vamps would never choose to live together.

Why don’t you go to the bathroom and dry off your d*ck.

What’s your gripe with Breaking Dawn Part 2? It’s the exciting conclusion of the whole Twilight saga.

F*ck Carol. F*ck accounting. You can do this.

I’m not exactly a pool cleaner. I hunt vampires.

Mainly, I just feel hungry.

You cut my head off. I thought we were friends.

Still fits.

Day Shift Movie Quotes

I’m so sorry I tried to eat you.

Oh, you just gonna light your finger on fire?

I wanted to make a better world for her. A world free from hiding.

But I’m already dead.

A war is coming, and your little girl’s going to be on the winning side.

Welcome to the m*thaf*cking night shift.

I don’t know how this works, but I know my husband. He’s going to murder you.

Nothing but a flesh wound, dog.

You know, I work alone.

West side for life.

Wood to the heart. Silver to the neck.

Works every time.

Please let me have this little victory.

What you doing, walking all fast like that?

Mowing down vamps with my best friend, Bud.

That’s what I love about LA. All the d*mn vampires.